Monday, May 27, 2013

5/29/13 Tuesday Watchlist (5 hot stocks)

Market SeasonBull
Swing StrategyBuy and Hold
Current Sentiment:
Bearish consolidation. The market seems to want to correct the sell-off as it tried to bottom into close on Friday. A green day on Tuesday would be great indication of a versal and possible breakout continuation. I will be slightly more bearish (for scalps) on Tuesday but will play according to the market sentiment (red vs. green).


Call Option: These are all recent earnings winners that are set to breakout.
WAGE - is holding up above 30 and just needs to close above 31.80 before the next breakout move.
AEGR - is holding above 60 but on lite vol. A bullish market could push it above 61.6 for a breakout move.

Long Stock:
HYGS - earnings breakout with upside to 13.5, swing. this is a potential buy on a big dip towards 9.5/9.75
EAC -former eanings winner that is down alot from its highs. it seems to want to bottom at key supp 24. potential buy as early as Tuesday if it can hold up above 24 into eod. upside to test 30, swing.
VUZI - held-up well above 6 on Friday. this is a potential buy early this week if it continues to hold 6. upside to 7.5 swing.

q2q- quarter-to-quarter
res - resistance
supp - support
b/o - breakout

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