Sunday, May 19, 2013

5/20/13 Monday Watchlist (8 hot stocks)

Market Season: Bull
Swing Strategy: Buy and Hold
Current Sentiment:
Bullish. I expect $SPY to continue its breakout after consolidating over the past 2 trading days. I expect a green week starting with a green market day on Monday. Be bullish and only bearish to over-extended tops at key res.

Call Option: These are all recent earnings winners that are set to breakout.
WAGE - this is the biggest earnings winner on the list that is hitting all-time highs. I already bought both $30 and $35 June13 calls but will add to my position this week. The sky is the limit; I expect this to hold up above 30 and spike to test 35 as it reaches for new highs.
VIPS- is a big earnings winner failed its breakout on earnings day from the open. It seems to have bottomed as it closed the week with some strength. I expect a move towards 37. I will wait for confirmation that I can breakout 34 to buy some $40strike Jun13 calls. I wanna hit it big on this nice earnings win.
TTWO - i tried buying this earnings winner on a big dip after the earnings breakout fail but ended up getting stopped out. It seems to be bottoming now as it holds up above key supp at 16.2. This a potential buy Monday but confirmation is when it closes the day above key res at 16.6, from there it should see spike to test 17.4 key res before a possible multiday breakout run.
AEGR - is also hitting alltime highs. I would like to see it dip a little between 60 and 55 to buy some call options at cheaper price before a b/o continuation.

Short Sell Stock
RSOL - is spiking big due to this seeking alpha article in light of it reporting earnings with narrower losses q2q. While this is really an earnings winner, it spiked way too much too quickly into gross overextension and should pullback hard as weak hands sell-off espcially given it hardly has any short interest. Some res at 4.25 but i'd like to see it try for 4.75 before shorting it.
HTCH - this is a former earnings winner that has become overextended and could flush early this week for scalps. Key res is near 5.0 with 50-75cents of potential downside. Something at 4.5 but 4.3 is key supp.

Pumps and Dumps
XUII - is the only good pump that is shortable at Suretrader. I will buy a perfect breakout above 0.42. This has a bullish chart; in this market, I wouldn't short aggressively (look at LOTE and OCTX, both refuse to collapse) but will be prepared to short scalp any overextended tops.
TALK- i bought this at 1.06 as it seems to be bottoming. all it takes is a bullish market on Monday to squeeze shorts until it tests 1.14 which is key before testing for 1.25+

q2q- quarter-to-quarter
res - resistance
supp - support
b/o - breakout

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