Friday, April 19, 2013

04/19/13 Friday Watchlist (6 stocks)

Market: SPY has been taking a beating due to some earnings and other news but it is still trying to hold up to squeeze but its hard to tell if it will fail and turn to bear season, which I look forward to. It could be topping so I will be bearish until the signs are more clear.

ACUR - is spiking on drug news. I short this from overextension but couldnt find shares to short before the big crash. It has to bottom and shorts will cover. 2.57/2.67 is key supp zone so I will look for the bottom there. This could squeeze/bounce to retest 3.

Swing Plays
REFR - this is a free TimLongTerm pick. its a low float so it will move w/ Tim's following. should see 5s as early as this week. Waiting for a 4.40 intraday res b/o for entry. upsdie to 5.25 swing. But I may buy the dip at 4.04 key supp if it patterns properly. 4.1 4.3 and 4.5 are key levels. EMA200 (30min candle) is testing for supp at 4.04. if it continues to hold, i may buy going into the weekend.

It's Friday so I wouldn't be short anything going into late afternoon (2-2:30p) or over the weekend.

HIMX - i nailed this trade by following the plan as described in my watchlist. Potential short after a failed spikes towards 5.95/6 key res. 5.75 is important supp

SNSS - is an ill-financial stock i've shorted many times as it cracked and faded. 5.03/5.0 is key supp zone. its a short under this zone. 25cents of potential downside if it morning panics.

UVXY - this stock is a fading stock that is full of hype and momo. I will look to scalp this on the short side as it has a good volatility. 8.76 is key res, 8.3

NQ - this is a former earnings winner that is still fading as it consolidates. its faded under EMA50 and 8.09 key supp going into the close yesterday. Potential short only if it morning panics, but be prepared to cover quickly. 25-50cents of downside.

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b/o = breakout
b/d = breakdown
r/g = red to green
g/r = green to red
momo = momentum
pt = price target
dtc = days to cover
res = resistance
supp = support

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