Monday, April 15, 2013

04/15/13 Monday Watchlist (6 hot stocks)

Market: SPY is breaking out! I will not be shorting aggressively. This is the time to buy on big dips and hold.

RAD (im long 2.18) - I rebought at 2.25 just before a small midday perk-up. its holding up as it consolidates. I am hopping for a morning spike or gap-up/spike to sell into.

BIOL - is still breaking out but consolidating. I would like to see a big dip to 4.9 to rebuy. still has potential upside to 5.7

Swing Plays
REFR - this is a free TimLongTerm pick. its a low float so it will move w/ Tim's following. should see 5s as early as this week. Waiting for a 4.40 intraday res b/o for entry. upsdie to 5.25 swing.

NQ - recent earnings winner that is bottoming at 8.1 key supp. I am watching it pattern under 8.77 (intraday res) for a technical breakout entry to swing from. upside to 10.7 swing.

SVA - this is a bird flu sympathy play. It is patterning nicely and could spike thru 3.85 key res soon. upside to mid 4s. I'd like to see it close the day above 4.08 before buying it. but I may buy a perfect breakout if it patterns under 4.08. upside to 4.5 swing.

HIMX - faded under much probable res. potential short on a failed morning spike under 5.95/6 key res zone. I wouldnt hold short for long in this market. if it morning panics, i would cover quickly. downside to 5.4/5.5

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b/o = breakout
b/d = breakdown
momo = momentum
pt = price target
dtc = days to cover
res = resistance
supp = support