Tuesday, April 2, 2013

04/02/13 Tuesday Watchlist (3 stocks)

Market: SPY is still trying to squeeze shorts as it continues to consolidate. It could go either way but odds favor more bullishness. Still, I will play according to market sentiment (red vs. green). But I am short biased as we approach the end of bull season.

Longs :

GEVO. watching 2.2/2.25 for momo.


ANAC -I am short 500 shares at 6.38 after locking in $70 in profits so far. I plan to cover into a morning panic. May add on a failed morning spike.

HIMX - i nailed this short for 30cents yesterday. potential reshort once it breaks and patterns under ema50 on 30min candle chart.

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b/o = breakout
b/d = breakdown
momo = momentum

pt = price target

res = resistance
supp = support

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