Friday, April 12, 2013

04/12/13 Friday Watchlist (9 hot stocks)

Market: SPY is breaking out! I will not be shorting aggressively. This is the time to buy on big dips and hold.


AMRS (im long 3.05)- i bought this into the close for a gap-up and i was right as it is already up 7cents in premarket.

RAD (im long 2.18) - big earnings with consistent q2q eps growth. brokeout 2.05 whcih woulda been good entry as i called in my watch list. I bought this premarket following the upgrade w/ a $3 pt

BIOL (im long 5.05)- bought this into the close as well for a gap-up, and so far its gapped up 7cents in premarket. key levels are 4.85 and 5.75

SVA - this is a bird flu sympathy play. It is patterning nicely and could spike thru 3.85 key res soon. upside to mid 4s.

REFR - this is a free TimLongTerm pick. its a low float so it will move w/ Tim's following. should see 5s by next week.

It's Friday so I wouldn't be short in the late afternoon.

ROYL - just signed a $44mil deal with an unnamed company but its not official. the chart is very bearish so I will be looking for vol to continue to dry before shorting this. it could morning panic but i'd like to see it spike first. 3 and 3.7 are key.

HIMX - is consolidating. I'd like to see it spike into overextension before shorting it. Pential short when the next spike tops.

PAMT - is fading gradually after the bounce following the crackage thru key supp at 16. it cracked intraday supp at 16.9 and started fading gradually against the bull market. I am now more interested in it breaking down key supp at 16 today as the market is red today.

MCOX - is testing 5.75 just as I anticipated. its building support under 5.75 so it could run further if it can break 5.75. 6.35 and 7.25 are also key. potential short under 5.75 when it cracks big.

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b/o = breakout
b/d = breakdown
momo = momentum
pt = price target
dtc = days to cover
res = resistance
supp = support

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