Tuesday, April 9, 2013

04/09/13 Tuesday Watchlist (5 stocks)

Market: SPY is still middrange as it consolidates. Could go either way at these levels. it will make big moves either way.

CALL - recent big earnings winner w/ very high short interest (49% of shares short, 10 dtc). this just needs momo to breakout 16. 16.25 and 16.7 are key res.

HIMX - I am short-biased on this stock but its gapping premarket into all time highs. this is a potnetial buy above key supp 5.95 if it holds, could run for multiple days. its always a potential short when it tops at natural res like 6.0 6.25 6.5 etc..

AMRI (short 9.62)- this is a former earnings winner that is topping. I shorted out of technical speculation for scalping purposes. This stock has a history of crack big even during consolidation. I shorted under key res 9.67 (so my stop is tight) and plan to cover into a morning panic. It could drop $1

MCOX - potential short under 5.0, downside to 3.5

PAMT - is topping just as I anticipated and glad I nailed my 19.67 short although I should reshorted the bounce. This a potential short under 18.25 with downside to 14/15.

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b/o = breakout
b/d = breakdown
momo = momentum
pt = price target
dtc = days to cover
res = resistance
supp = support

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