Friday, April 5, 2013

04/05/13 Friday Watchlist

Market: SPY is very bearish as it tanks due to lesser than expected job report. This is dangerous as the market is mid-breakout and could fail into a crash if it fails trendline supp in the mid 154s. I will remain bearish in this market and only buying momomentum breakouts.


MCOX - I bought this breakout twice and nailed it. This seems to be spiking due to the company's $10mil buy back plan . Not sure how far it will spike but its def a potential short as weak hands take profits. It's mid breakout as it tests 5 but could spike to test 5.75 key res if it morning spikes.

HIMX - is fading. potential short if 5.20 intraday supp cracks on 30min candle.

AAMRQ - Potential short under intraday res zone 3.6/3.7. potential downside to 3

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b/o = breakout
b/d = breakdown
momo = momentum

pt = price target

res = resistance
supp = support

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