Monday, December 31, 2012

12/31/12 NYE Monday Watchlist

I started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $16k (+800% wrt cash, +133% wrt initial buying power). My system is Sick!
Friday: +$1,500
December: +$14k 

Market: $SPY is very bearish but it will try to squeeze. Be bearish


Again I'm watching mostly illegitimate stocks that could tank any moment for 15%+ potential gains. I wouldn't buy these stocks unless they breakout on heavy vol during power hour.

FARE - could fail at any point. could even morning panic

AMBS - could also fail at any point. could morning panic. potential short if it fades under 0.1

USGT - not shortable at SureTrader but I will look to play the bounce prob off 0.67

TAMO - let it repattern. potentail short on any spikes under 0.20

ONCY - its trying to squeeze but could tank any minute if it fails key supp at 3.74

TRIT - could go either way. I am watching 2.75 as pivot.

ANAD - over-extended. potential downside to 2.2. I am watching 2.5

FOE- could squeeze and morning spike. upside to 4.9 if squeezes.

Happy trading happy new years. peace

Friday, December 28, 2012

12/28/12 Friday Watchlist

I started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $11k (+600% wrt cash, +100% wrt buying power). My system is Sick!
Thursdayy: +$1,560
December: +$12,190 

Market: $SPY is very bearish but could try to squeeze this morning if it consolidates premarket. a failed squeeze could panic. 142.6 is key res and 140.2 is important. Its gapping down premarket with some vol but could rebound at market open. But be bearish to fading vol and big crashes.


Again I'm watching mostly illegitimate stocks that could tank any moment for 15%+ potential gains. I wouldn't buy these stocks unless they breakout on heavy vol during power hour.

FARE - this stock was disappointing given the potential it had had the promoters held it up to squeeze shorts. When vol dries as it tests new highs, be bearish. learn from my trades bc I nailed this trade in 3 trades today for 12%/trade. Potential short when vol fades. Not sure if the promoters are gonna hold it up. 

AMBS - I completely nailed this trade in 4 trades for 16%/trade. Its midrange between 0.067 supp and 0.10 res. look for a top and fading vol or panic.

GWBU - could top at 0.25. potentail short, could tank any minute

USGT - not breaking out yet. vol has to build to breakout. potential short if vol fades as it tests natural res 0.75, could test supp at 0.67

TAMO - may fail 0.20 supp. potentail short.

SYNC - NIA's dead pump that just bounced. Could crack 5 and tank any minute.

CTIX - watch 2.42/2.5 res zone for panic

ONCY - its trying to squeeze but could tank any minute if it fails key res at 3.75.

GL. peace

Thursday, December 27, 2012

12/27/12 Thursday Watchlist

I started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $11k (+600% wrt cash, +100% wrt buying power). My system is Sick!
Wednesday: +$420
December: +$10,630 

Market: $SPY is weak as we expect tax-loss selling into the new year. Be bearish but be prepared to buy breakouts.

There are some pretty good over-extended stocks out so I am going to focus on those today. I do have my watchlist from yesterday on alert.

AAMRQ -its eventually a great short, only scalpable now. But its a good buy because it has volume and is holding above key supp at 0.7. potential dip buy above 0.85 and ema50(30min) with upside to highs ~1.

CTIX - is up on hype from a New York Times article and other stock promotions. A potential short after a big crack after the squeeze. Dont short too aggressively, only scalpable to ema7 until daily volume fades. Could top at natural res so watch 2.5 and 2.75 for an intraday top

AMBS - has gained +300% since my dip buy alert at 0.37 and i was on the money yesterday calling the dip buy above 0.7 and spike to 0.1. Has alot of volume but its now up alot and is over-extended from ema7. It needs to consolidate or big dip, either way its a scalpable potential short and a potential dip buy with upside to 0.13 with vol.

FARE - is an APS stock promotion. has the best chart and stock promotion trading over $4mil yesterday as it rebounds. The daily chart is very bullish, a bullish dip. Upside to test 0.25 and then new highs. Potential dip buy above 0.16

USGT - vol is building as spam mailers are out. Potential dip buy above 0.67 with upside to 1.

Happy trading. peace

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12/26/12 Wednesday Watchlist

I started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $11k (+600% wrt cash, +100% wrt buying power). My system is Sick!
Monday: +$160
December: +$10,210 

Market: Expect a bearish market into the new year as tax-loss selling and negative sentiment around the Fiscal Cliff drives the market downwards. Be bearish.

Short Set-ups
VVUS - still has downside to 12.5 with fading vol. potential short on any big spikes under 14.
EJ - still squeezing. some res at 4.4, key res at 4.6
ONCY - without news, this will likely tank some this week. downside to 3
TROV - patterning nicely. potential short under 6.6
DYNT - don't be aggressive with low floats. its holding above 3.25 key supp so let it squeeze first. key res at 4.45

CLSN - over-extended on the intraday chart. scalpable for about 30cents or so. key levels at 7.6 and 9
CTIX - the most over-extended stock on the market, with more than 20% potential downside. only res is trendline res and natural res. could top here at 2.25, if not look for 2.5

Long Set-ups
CLWR- waiting for it to bottom. has plenty of upside swing. I plan to swing it. supp at 2.7, res at 3.2
EDAP - big time earnings winner that is breaking out. potential dip buy above 2.15 upside to 2.5 swing
USGT - finally hit new highs potentil dip buy above 0.7 if it can find supp at 0.69
AMBS - now up 105% since my dip buy alert at 0.37. it is still hitting new highs and there is still alot of message board chatter. potential dip above 0.07 with upside to 0.1

Happy trading.

Monday, December 24, 2012

12/24/12 Monday Watchlist (Merry Xmas!)

Started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $9,775 (+600% wrt cash, +100% wrt buying power). My system is Sick!
Thursday & Friday: +$2,325
December: +$10,050 

Market: $SPY it seems has topped. I am expecting a bearish market into the new year as tax-loss dumpage begins. Be bearish.

Perfect Shorts
Most of the perfect shorts are still patterning. But these are the ones that are likely to pattern and tank this week.

EJ - Broke down perfectly Friday eod. I shorted and alerted on stocktwitts at 4.12 and covered 3.91 and 3.66. Know this pattern and be prepared for the next perfect set-up like this. This is still a potential short on any bounces under 3.97, downside to 3.4 or lower if you swing it.

ONCY - vol is fading perfectly. This will tank this week if there is no PR/news. I am watching 3.4 supp to give with downside to high 2's.

UEPS - is spiking a bit as I expected. it is topping here so its a def short on 4.8 supp crack

BOSC - 7.7, 6.2 4.7 and 3.5 are key. potential short on a bounce under res with downside to the next supp level.

SQNM - without news, this thing will drop to 4 soon. you've gotta have good timing or be patient.

VVUS - potential short on any big bounces. downside to 12.5

*DGIT - potential short once its trapped under 11.1 res. could morning panic

CLDX - potential short on 6.55 supp crack. downside to 5s, 6.25 is checkpoint.

NEON - potential short on the bounce. 5.2 and 4.5 are key.

QUAD - potential short on 17.5 supp crack.

BIOF - this turned out to be a perfect short on Friday but I played EJ instead. Unless they have a reason to squeeze, this thing still has downside to 3.3

*On watch for morning panic

Long Set-ups

**TC - is still squeezing shorts. a potential dip buy above 3.8 with upside to 4.2.

CBMX - is due for a squeeze/bounce with upside to 8s+ so its a def buy if it finds supp at 6.20, then it will be a great short after the bounce.

**Morning spike watch.

Happy trading & Merry Xmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/20/12 Thursday Watchlist

Started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $9,775 (+490% wrt cash, +80% wrt buying power).
Tues & Wed: -$65
December: +$7,725 

These past couple days were very undisciplined for me. Although my watchlist is filled with perfect plays, they are patterning and I have been too impatient as I have been trading alot of speculative plays and shorting too aggressively, esp low floats, which is hurting my winning percentage. As Tim Sykes always says, focus on the good plays.

Market: $SPY seems to be reaching the end of its holiday short squeeze. We could still see more spikes as it squeezes remaining shorts but it could consolidate as well this week. I am trading according to the market's sentiment (bullish or bearish). I am prepared for both.

Perfect Shorts
These stocks will eventually drop with little supp esp on fading vol. You never know how far these things will go so you just have to prepare to short them after a failed squeeze under key res.

VVUS - fundamentally poor. i shorted at the very top 14.13 and took profits in the mid 13s and still holding 500shares short from 14.13. I will add on any spikes under 14.1, still has potential upside to 14.3/14.4 so be cautious.
UEPS - fundamentally poor. potential short on the next spike. could be a small spike b/c vol is dry.

BOSC -manipulated run-up. its trying to find supp at 7.68, has upside to res near 11.
AMPL - manipulated run-up. could still squeeze to retest 3/3.25 res zone. next res 5.1
GBR - manipulated run-up still running. res at 1.9 and 2.5
DYNT - manipulated run-up still running. res at 3.25 and 4.5

Long Set-ups
TROV - is breaking out into new highs and just got news this morning. Supp at 6.66 and the sky is the limit. I will be looking to buy a perfect breakout.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/18/12 Tuesday Watchlist

Started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $9,840 (+490% wrt cash, +80% wrt buying power).
Friday: -$47
December: +$7,790 

Market: $SPY is breaking out 143.6 res and is now headed to test 52wk highs near 146.5 res. The market should be bullish until it tests that res, so be bullish and appropriately bearish.

Long & Short Set-ups for Today:

CBMX - i took a small position (300 shares) at 6.35 and will continue to accumulate until the squeeze or PR (which ever comes first). It may have to dip to 6 before squeezing thru key level 6.2.

AMBS - setting up for a nice run today. I am back in at 0.55 30k shares. It has now up 54% since my initial breakout buy alert at 0.37 (now at 0.57). It has upside to 0.069 which it could breakout as it is still being promoted by newsletters and judging from the sustained vol.
JVA - could turnn into the play of the week. It is a recent earnings winner that beat estimates by 1800% with an eps of 0.19 (vs. 0.01 est). It has a clean chart pattern with lots of supp underneath. I see this thing hitting 8.5 this week with upside to 10 swing.

LIVE - purely technical squeeze (like GTIM) that is breaking out. look for a dip buy above 5.1 with upside to 6.6

CRME - as i expected, it dipped to 0.45 to consolidate before spiking to retest 0.51. still a potential dip buy above 0.51.

MTSL - @super_trades is doing a good job with this pump. watch for breaout at 3.99 res. potential dip buy above 4 with upside to 4.6+ as it hits new highs

Set-ups for the week:
These stocks are still midrange so let them to test res or crack supp. Let them pattern, don't be aggressive and short too quickly in this bull market (learn from my poor performance yesterday by being aggressive). Focus on perfect set-ups and timing, or else you reduce your odds/winning percentage. The will all be great shorts eventually, so be bearish, however don't hesitate to buy any perfect breakouts as they spike towards res because we are in a bullish market week. USGT is the other pump I'm watching this week.

CLDX- short 6.55 supp crack. still has upside to 9.01 if it finds supp above 6.55
TROV- breaking out into new highs. so wait for it to test res at 6.7 for potential short
EJ - wait for it to crack supp at 4. if it finds supp above 4 then wait for 4.6 test
QUAD - could breakout 19.5 with upside to 21.4 (potential short there)
ROSG - wait for fade under 4.20 to short
SQNM - let it pattern for 4.51 supp crack
BIOF - wait 4.36 supp crack
UEPS - wait for 4.83 crack or top at 5.9
TSL - potential short 12/19

USGT - sustaining breakout vol, just wait for the 0.67 breakout for a dip buy with upside to 1.05

Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/17/12 Monday Watchlist

Started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $9,840 (+492% wrt cash, +82% wrt buying power).
Friday: +$440
December: +$7840 

Market: $SPY testing near highs now, it could pullback from here or spike to test highs. It could go either way but we can expect tax-lose selling as we approach the new year so the market should be bearish in the next 2 weeks. Be bearish and only buy perfect breakouts.

Short Setups
Long list but these are all perfect short setups (i worked really hard this past weekend) for this week because these companies are fundamentally poor and the price action is over-extended. Short into any spikes as those are just shorts covering. Will obviously spike more if there is news.

*UEPS - waiting for 4.8 supp crack. downside to 4. i don't see it holding up so could fade on Monday esp if market is bearish.

*SQNM - just finished squeezing shorts on fluff news. just got negative weekend news that USPTO withdrew one of their patents. will likely gap down so this could be a nice premarket play to start your morning w/ profits.

*EJ - sketchy Chinese stock squeezing shorts and CEO called the company "undervalued" lol thats bullshit. Its abetter short after supp crack at 4 downside to to 3 swing, but it could top at 4.4 or 4.6.

*BIOF - there were no analyst estimates to compare eps but its revenue was a miss and it slipped from being profitable to losing money last quater, and there is negative news about the limited market size for ethanol fuel. its at a technical pivot as it test 4.71, I expect it to crack unless they are able to squeeze. Could morning panic with downside to 4.

TROV - over-extened on study news and upgrade so it could drop fast if it fails 6.7 test. Dowside to low 5s swing (by end of December).

NEON - over-extended on analyst upgrade. running out of juice at 5 but could still push to 5.20 where it should crack with downside to low 4s by end of week.

CLDX - overextended on news. could drop big this week if there is no news. Should panic some 6.5 until drops to sub-6

ONCY - spiking on drug data news which doesn't last long. should fade to 2.75, where it may or may not base.

ROSG - could panic to takeout supp at 4 this week this stock is still over-extended for the year. downside to sub-3 swing

*Morning panic watch.

Long Setups
CRME - running on big news that Merck ($MRK) will forgive CRME's debt. The debt was pretty much the reason why it dropped from 2's to under a dollar back in March. It should be able to regain those losses on this news. Res at 0.51 so I will look to buy a big dip as it could pullback to 0.45 or I will buy a breakout dip above 0.51 if it finds supp there. I will take profits near 0.8 res and hold the rest for $1+.

CLWR - breaking out as it waits buyout offer. I am watching for this breakout on heavy vol.
NOK - turning into a perfect swing trade breakout. wait for 3.88 breakout. has to dip first

CBMX, JRCC, MITK - are all holding above key supp. all potential  buys on news.

AMBS - now up 18% since my initial alert. perfect breakout set-up like i predicted. just a little momo from newsletter pumpage and its headed to test 0.07. gets nice at 0.051
USGT - revived from the washout. its ready for 0.67 breakout. dip buy above 0.67 with upside to over a dollar. expect a morning spike with high vol or else it will tank.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/14/12 Friday Watchlist

Thursday: +$1,130
December: +$7,400

Market: $SPY is still bullish and after consolidating on Thurs, Friday is likely a bullish day with potential to squeeze shorts. I am focused on buying bounces/squeezes and shorting the end of the bounce.


my watchlist is short today because I want to focus on the perfect plays when they are here and play big positions. Fridays are known for squeezing shorts so look to short any spikes from these stocks. I also plan to buy bounces/spikes as they could run nice before they tank.

CBMX -looking for a bottom about 6.2 supp to buy and sell quickly. could bounce to 8s where it will be a good short. upside to 9 with news.10.3, 9.7 and 6.2 are key levels. 4 and 8.2 are important

BGMD - is a def short under 2.94 but it could squeeze first before cracking 2.94. looks like a possible morning panic but friday squeeze could bounce it. Upside to 3.3 on bounce, downside to 2.4 swing.

ACUR - could squueze and bounce nicely to retest 3.2 where it's a good short

YGE - I am long 2.12 as its set for a Friday short squeeze with upside to 2.5 where it is a good short. Also potential short under 2.1 supp

AMBS - I am long 0.0390 30k again. could morning spike.

PFNI - setting up nice for a breakout today. potential dip buy above 0.6 and trendline.

LVVV - PPS pump that just came back to life on rebound. Its breaking out so im watching it pattern for 0.18 breakout

Low Float Pre-momo
NFEC - moves with CLNT. its on the verge of a technical breakout at 1.33. CLNT is bullish due to earnings, which makes NFEC worth watching. this one could spike today or tomorrow. I will look for my pre-momo entry if it can hold above 1.10
ATOS - will try to squeeze tomorrow for a possible breakout into new highs. watch 5
CLDT - watching for 14.60 breakout
OHRP - watching for 1.82 breakout

12/13/12 Thur Watchlist

Wednesday: +$860
December: +$6,370

Market: $SPY is still bullish but could consolidate today so today could be a good day to short stocks that were recently up on news with fading vol.


CBMX - looks like the news hype has faded and its under 9.70 so its a potential short on any failed spikes under 9.70.

TELK - just released fluff news a/h on Wed and is now up 40% a/h due to shorts covering. It's a def short. It could teset 2.8 and again, where it is a short if it fails to break res. It could also turn out to be a gap and crap as it could be over-extended at market open.

BGMD - seems to be breaking down. potential short on any failed spikes under 3.60

CLDX - def short under 6.55

YGE - i predicted this breakout would happen this week or early next. I nailed it, buying early at 1.91 and selling for 10-15% profits. Still holding 1k from 1.91, it has potential upside to 2.5 with momo. It's a  prev earnings miss so its a potential short if 2.10 cracks.

HOV - announces earnings at 8:30a today. It beat estimates big time on its prev 3 earnings so I expect the same result. It will rocket on earnings win as it is already breaking out on all time scales.

JASO - could run a second day. Potential dip buy above 4.17

MTSL - letting it repattern. watching 3.92 for breakout

Same watchlist from yesterday. Same set-up as 12/12/12 watchlist.

AMBS - I bought this too early yesterday in anticipation of the 0.037 breakout but i will wait for the breakout before re-entering.

PFNI - setting up nice for a breakout today. potential dip buy above 0.6 and trendline.

DROP - letting it pattern for 0.24 breakout

Low Float Pre-momo
NFEC - moves with CLNT. its on the verge of a technical breakout at 1.33. CLNT is bullish due to earnings, which makes NFEC worth watching. this one could spike today or tomorrow. I will look for my pre-momo entry if it can hold above 1.10
ATOS - will try to squeeze tomorrow for a possible breakout into new highs. watch 5
CLDT - watching for 14.60 breakout
OHRP - watching for 1.82 breakout

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/12/12 Wed Watchlist

Tuesday: +$30
December: +$5,510

Market: $SPY has remained bullish esp today's market morning spike. I am expecting more bullishness (or sideways price action) all week. Could continue to retest highs at 146.5 res.


CBMX - slipped under 9.70, now its under heavy res. I don't see it rebounding esp with this dry vol. I shorted into the close at 8.66 because I expect it to start breaking down. I shorted alil too early as their supp at 8.60 which is also where trendline. I will add to my short if it gaps up to crap.

ACUR - looks like it wants to try for day 3 as it is holding 3.23 key supp. Potential dip buy above 3.60 or buy bottom at 3.23 supp. Potential short under 3.23.

AONEQ - is bottoming here. I bought at 25.9 (shorthand for 0.0259) and sold 32.3. it will rebound nicely so its a potential buy on breakout/momo vol. Potential dip buy at market open. Has upside to 55 swing.

CLDX - spiking on multiple news and analyst upgrade, neither of which last long. it has plenty of overhead res but also supp in the 6.75 range as well. Potential dip buy above 7.05 on breakout. Potential short after 6.55 supp breakdown. It will fade nicely when it finally breaks down.

AMBS - is being pumped by newsletters and is patterning into a breakout. potential dip buy above 0.037

DROP - spikes nicely when it breaks out. its under heavy res but is patterning into a breakout so its sucessful at holding above 0.23 it could squeeze shorts and breakout with momo. Potential dip buy above 0.237 on the breakout.

PFNI - this is the SMA pump rebounding from a big dip. I bought some eod on a small dip at 0.487 anticipating a eod run and gap-up. it looks like it may finally breakout to test res at 0.58 after which the sky is the limit.

Low Float Pre-momo

MTSL - letting it repattern. watching 3.92 for breakout
ATOS - will try to squeeze tomorrow for a possible breakout into new highs. watch 5
CLDT - watching for 14.60 breakout
OHRP - watching for 1.82 breakout
NFEC - moves with CLNT. its on the verge of a technical breakout at 1.33. CLNT is bullish due to earnings, which makes NFEC worth watching.

12/10/12 Tues Watchlist

Monday: +$3,800
December: +$5,480

Market: The overall market has been bullish and should continue to be bullish. We should see some more holiday spikes. Be bullish but appropriately bearish.


Momo Plays
CBMX - i already banked $4K on this. it could still run to try and squeeze shorts to go for 15's since its still holding above key supp 9.70. No play for me until it patterns.

ACUR - is another low float breaking out on news. It could spike again Tues. Potential dip buy above 2.57 for supp. Upside to 3.25

CLDX - today could be day 2 if not could be first red day to short. breaking out on 10/8 news. buy the breakout above 7.05 with upside to 9 on momo because it squeezed its short interest already. So volume is the only thing that will drive this up imo.  No volume, short it. potential short under 6.93 res, could test 6.55 supp. if its a failed breakout, it will come down hard. Downside is $2 swing. It will be a great short even if it spikes today.

Pre-momo Low-Floats
MTSL - @super_trades pick. this stock is already geared to breakout. I took just 300 shares at 3.42 in anticipation of the 3.53 breakout. It has upside to the sky.

NFEC - is breaking out probably on earnings. its consolidating before the big breakout. i am watching it pattern under 1.33 res.

OHRP - this is patterning to breakout nicely on technicals.

Swing Plays
PSTI - is a recent earnings winner bottoming to squeeze shorts and breakout. it has a momo pattern and news this morning as the catalyst. potential dip buy above 3.65 only on a breakout. upside to 4.39 swing trade.

FB - facebook could be on a rebound to ipo price as it breaks out. FB is buliding momentum as it approaches 28.09 res. potential dip buy on the breakout..

USGT - washed out. daily vol still building. potential dip buy above 0.66.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/10/2012 Mon: Holiday Breakout Watchlist

Friday: +$925
December: +$1678

Market: $SPY very bullish so I expect more bullishness this week. In this holiday market, its good to be bullish but I am prepared to be bearish against any grossly over-extended stock.

Breakout Watch:
There are so many probable breakouts to watch this month its crazy. I call these holiday breakouts and I am anticipating a few including the GTIM +40% squeeze on Friday which I missed after alert. Btw, my watchlist is getting better and better.

CBMX - I banked 20% off this stock on Friday and it seems to be the beginning. With this momentum it could breakout key res at 9.70 and takeoff to the teens like the ROSG supernova last May. I am also prepared to short-scalp any weakness as it tests over-head res zone 9.4-9.70. It is consolidating in after hours with low volume which is a chance to buy a dip. It is rebounding so I will look to buy small position premarket and hold for market open if it patterns properly. This could easily be the play of the month as more and more newsletters pick the stock for there subscribers. Anticipate news early this week.

GTIM - This is the best pure technical breakout on good sentiment. I had this breakout on my alert but was trading other stocks. It is likely to squeeze shorts at 2.74 on Monday. if so, its a 2.83 dip buy. Has upside to 3.25 on the bounce and upside to 5 if its a multi-day breakout

GRPN - also a technica breakout that is heavily shorted so it could take off to 5.5 on momentum. A potnetial dip buy above 4.70.

CLNT - is breaking down due to heavy res at 4.5. I am expecting a squeeze which could spike off 4.25 which is the level to watch for dip buy entry if the squeeze is successful. Has upside to 5.7.

MTSL - is a Superman (@super_trades) pump (NOT a pump and dump). It is very low float. The stock is going to breakout at this rate. Expect a possible 3.3 breakout Monday. The sky is the limit, could be the next LIVE who knows. Superman is the best stock promoter for going long imo.

RCON - recent earnings winner that will continue to squeeze shorts. Its testing at a pivot now. A potential dip buy above 1.70 if squeeze is successful. Could bounce to retest 2 without news, and 2.75 with news.

CALI - also a recent earnings winner that will continue to squeeze shorts. A def dip buy above 5, but 4.92 is key res.

Breakdown Watch

EBOD - this stock is testing 3.52 key supp. If it holds it will squeeze shorts. but will crack if vol continues to fade. Potential short. Tip short into supp bounces as they are usually more liquid so you can get a bigger position but becareful as bounces could turn into further spikes. Plenty of downside
update: EBOD has some supp zone about 3.10-3.25, so unless vol continues to fade, it could push and squeeze at 3.5. vol is key!

CBMX - this stock is still breaking out so its a potential buy now but soon it will get over-exnteded and lose most of these gains.

MBLX - was breaking out with vol on news. Topping but could still squeeze. A short under 1.75 supp crack. Buy the squeeze on a dip above 1.85.

Pump & Dumps

USGT - the only pump on the market with a perfect breakout pattern. Potential dip buy above 0.67 with 40cents upside or more.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lesson: How I made 20% on a PERFECT breakout in 1 hour $CBMX

CBMX is a supernova breakout that's breaking out on news. This low flaot is up over 300% in one day. This is probably because of the reverse split a couple days prior. Nevertheless, I nailed buying the breakout 3 times and shorting it once, banking 20% ($828) net profit just over an hour of trading this stock alone Friday. Here's how:

I prepared for this breakout:

And when it did breakout I: (1) bought the breakout, (2) shorted the top at key resistance, (3) bought the bottom at trendline supp; and (4) bought bounce for an eod rally into close.

(1) The breakout was clear: volume was spiking and building as it broke the trend. So I bought at 8.01 just above natural supp and sold at 8.49.

(2) I knew res ahead was key so I shorted the top at 9.02 and covered quickly at 8.51. Because vol was still building, this I consider an aggressive short, that's why I covered quickly. Note that odds are always better to short when volume is fading.

(3) The first trendline dip following a breakout usually holds and is usually very liquid as all bottoms are. So I bought at 7.82 and sold quickly at 8.10 (+3.5% within 1 minute!).

(4) I bought the bounce at 8.40 15min prior to market close in anticipation of eod rally and sold into a small rally at 8.95.

This stock still has breakout volume. If it can continue to building vol Monday morning we should see another run to test highs and res at 9.70. This has the potential to be another $ROSG with upside to 15's if it can breakout 9.70.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

12/07/12 Fri Watchlist

Today: +$319
December: +$753

$SPY is doing more of the same: fade then spike. Tomorrow is Friday which are known for short squeezes. So I expect some spiking tomorrow, possibly a morning market spike.


Short Setups
SQNM - I completely nailed that morning panic for +$190 by shorting into the close on the first red day which was followed by a gap-down and morning panic. I held my short despite the fluff news release but it rebounded very quickly after finding supp at 4.3, probably due to traders dip buying the fluff news. It just released PR about the company being issued a patent. A potential reshort but only with fading volume.

EBOD - sketchy Chinese stock thats up alot due to Seeking Alpha "pump" article. Hardly has any short interest so I don't see it spiking much more, therefore, it could crack supp at 3.5 where its a good short.

VVUS - I think they are done squeezing as it faded nicely today with much less bounce. 10.5 is very important supp thats why I am waiting for it to crack before shorting it into panic selling.

ACAD - is trying to squeeze whatever shorts are left so its not patterning exactly as imagined. I am hoping for a morning panic to short into, otherwise it could consolidate until it finds support.

Long Setups
MITK - is breaking out on US Bank ($USB) partnership. This stock has a high short interest (13 days to cover) and will most likely squeeze shorts and spike until it can't squeeze anymore. I will buy on a morning dip and sell into a morning spike. Res at 4.3

CORT - Is a recent earnings winner down alot since earnings and has a fairly high short interest (8 days to cover). Its hitting new highs as shorts get squeezed. I missed the morning dip buy at 1.6 supp but I bought at 1.73 for a midday perk-up but it just consolidated so I sold 1.76 for lunch money. A potential dip buy at market open.

Its holiday pump season. We have four (4) top tier promoters pumping at the same time. This is lovely.

PFNI (I am long 0.465 2k shares) - this is pump by SMA. I bought on a small dip at 0.46 res turned supp in anticipation of an eod rally, which never came (I assume traders were distracted buying PBCW eod instead). I am still long in anticipation of a gap-up because it closed at hod.

PBCW - this is pump by PPS. It panicked in the morning as I expected but unfortunately SureTrader didn't have borrows to short it. It bottomed at 0.1 but I didn't buy because I wanted it to drop a little lower, so i missed the opportunity by being too conservative. Still a potential dip buy once it breaksout into new highs.

SVEN - this is pump by APS. Still a potential dip buy above 0.27 or after it breaks out into news highs.

LVVV - this is a brand new pump by TBX. I bought it out the gate and sold quickly as it was over-extended and banked +$185. A potential dip buy above 0.161 with upside to retest its highs at 0.22

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12/06/12 Thur Watchlist

Yesterday: +$406
December: +$434

I haven't posted a watchlist in the past few days because I have been so busy traveling and trading from my mobile.

Market: $SPY is doing as I expect. It fades then bounces. In this market I am short biased but prepared to go long and short so just play the price action.

Let me say that SureTrader has stepped there game up by more than doubling their short avaliabilities. This is the greatest business move they could ever do. Now I can finally short sell scam stocks and make alot more moeny.

SQNM - I nailed my short here for $100bucks. This recent earnings loser had a very high short interest (14 days to cover as of 11/15) thats why they squeezed it for a couple weeks, now that the shorts have covered its time to short it back to where it belongs.

VVUS - also another recent earnings loser with a lower short interest so its run could be over here. Supp at 10.5, so I will wait for that to get taken out for confirmation.

EBOD - this is a sketchy Chinese stock that is up nearly 100% due to a seeking alpha article. It is a def short. I'll be watching it near res at 5.0 and 6.2 as it seems to be holding supp at 3.5.

ACAD - is still one of the most over-extended stocks on the market (now EBOD joins the ranks). There is natural supp in the 4.6s but I am more interested in supp crack at 4.5 for probable panic to short for quick trade because I don't like being in trades more than an hour or two. Plenty of downside swing but a quick 50cents of downside is all I'm looking for.

PFNI - SMA pump perking up to test EMA20-daily. Potential dip buy at above 0.42. Res at 0.46 and 0.6

PBCW - PPS pump with too many front runners imo so I expect a washout/big dip to 0.1 or lower for a dip buy bounce play.

SVEN - APS pump patterning nicely. A potential dip buy above 0.27 with upside to retest highs at 0.33

Sunday, December 2, 2012

12/03/12 Mon Watchlist

$SPY looks pretty strong as it continues to breakout key res levels with volume. I am expecting more of the same bullishness to start the week. So I am more long-biased for Monday.

Long Setups
These set-ups are great if the market is bullish on Monday. All of these stocks have recently shown good/improved earnings and are coming off their lows so they should rebound nicely. Also, most of these are swing plays but scalpable day trades.

SYNC - is breaking out with several catalysts including earnings win sentiment and NIA pumping it.

EBR - is rebounding with vol. I am more interested in the 4.0 breakout to 4.75 but I may dip buy 3.75.

JVA - recent earnings winner coming from its lows after earnings. Potential dip buy near 7.

EOX - very nice technical set-up here. On watch for morning spike.

Short Setup
Because the market has been squeezing shorts for couple weeks its been really tough shorting stocks because timing is now critical. But when the market finally tanks, so will these stocks.

VVUS - could still squeeze shorts to retest key res near 12.4 if market spikes Monday. A potential short to key supp at 10.5 it fails to break EMA13/EMA20.

ACAD - still the most over-extended stock on the market. It will fade with biotech index IBB. On watch for morning panic for short scalping. Has potential downside to 4 and possibly 3s.

SVEN - an APS pump. could breakout into new highs. potential dip buy following breakout. Becareful as it could still washout if there aren't enough shorts to squeeze into a breakout.

SANT - is another paid pump on the brink of a rebound. A potential dip buy following 0.008 breakout. This sub-penny stock is extremely illiquid thats why I am waiting for the breakout with vol which is when it becomes more liquid. I am only playing with $300 on this one. Res at 0.0144.