Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12/06/12 Thur Watchlist

Yesterday: +$406
December: +$434

I haven't posted a watchlist in the past few days because I have been so busy traveling and trading from my mobile.

Market: $SPY is doing as I expect. It fades then bounces. In this market I am short biased but prepared to go long and short so just play the price action.

Let me say that SureTrader has stepped there game up by more than doubling their short avaliabilities. This is the greatest business move they could ever do. Now I can finally short sell scam stocks and make alot more moeny.

SQNM - I nailed my short here for $100bucks. This recent earnings loser had a very high short interest (14 days to cover as of 11/15) thats why they squeezed it for a couple weeks, now that the shorts have covered its time to short it back to where it belongs.

VVUS - also another recent earnings loser with a lower short interest so its run could be over here. Supp at 10.5, so I will wait for that to get taken out for confirmation.

EBOD - this is a sketchy Chinese stock that is up nearly 100% due to a seeking alpha article. It is a def short. I'll be watching it near res at 5.0 and 6.2 as it seems to be holding supp at 3.5.

ACAD - is still one of the most over-extended stocks on the market (now EBOD joins the ranks). There is natural supp in the 4.6s but I am more interested in supp crack at 4.5 for probable panic to short for quick trade because I don't like being in trades more than an hour or two. Plenty of downside swing but a quick 50cents of downside is all I'm looking for.

PFNI - SMA pump perking up to test EMA20-daily. Potential dip buy at above 0.42. Res at 0.46 and 0.6

PBCW - PPS pump with too many front runners imo so I expect a washout/big dip to 0.1 or lower for a dip buy bounce play.

SVEN - APS pump patterning nicely. A potential dip buy above 0.27 with upside to retest highs at 0.33

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