Friday, December 28, 2012

12/28/12 Friday Watchlist

I started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $11k (+600% wrt cash, +100% wrt buying power). My system is Sick!
Thursdayy: +$1,560
December: +$12,190 

Market: $SPY is very bearish but could try to squeeze this morning if it consolidates premarket. a failed squeeze could panic. 142.6 is key res and 140.2 is important. Its gapping down premarket with some vol but could rebound at market open. But be bearish to fading vol and big crashes.


Again I'm watching mostly illegitimate stocks that could tank any moment for 15%+ potential gains. I wouldn't buy these stocks unless they breakout on heavy vol during power hour.

FARE - this stock was disappointing given the potential it had had the promoters held it up to squeeze shorts. When vol dries as it tests new highs, be bearish. learn from my trades bc I nailed this trade in 3 trades today for 12%/trade. Potential short when vol fades. Not sure if the promoters are gonna hold it up. 

AMBS - I completely nailed this trade in 4 trades for 16%/trade. Its midrange between 0.067 supp and 0.10 res. look for a top and fading vol or panic.

GWBU - could top at 0.25. potentail short, could tank any minute

USGT - not breaking out yet. vol has to build to breakout. potential short if vol fades as it tests natural res 0.75, could test supp at 0.67

TAMO - may fail 0.20 supp. potentail short.

SYNC - NIA's dead pump that just bounced. Could crack 5 and tank any minute.

CTIX - watch 2.42/2.5 res zone for panic

ONCY - its trying to squeeze but could tank any minute if it fails key res at 3.75.

GL. peace

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