Sunday, December 2, 2012

12/03/12 Mon Watchlist

$SPY looks pretty strong as it continues to breakout key res levels with volume. I am expecting more of the same bullishness to start the week. So I am more long-biased for Monday.

Long Setups
These set-ups are great if the market is bullish on Monday. All of these stocks have recently shown good/improved earnings and are coming off their lows so they should rebound nicely. Also, most of these are swing plays but scalpable day trades.

SYNC - is breaking out with several catalysts including earnings win sentiment and NIA pumping it.

EBR - is rebounding with vol. I am more interested in the 4.0 breakout to 4.75 but I may dip buy 3.75.

JVA - recent earnings winner coming from its lows after earnings. Potential dip buy near 7.

EOX - very nice technical set-up here. On watch for morning spike.

Short Setup
Because the market has been squeezing shorts for couple weeks its been really tough shorting stocks because timing is now critical. But when the market finally tanks, so will these stocks.

VVUS - could still squeeze shorts to retest key res near 12.4 if market spikes Monday. A potential short to key supp at 10.5 it fails to break EMA13/EMA20.

ACAD - still the most over-extended stock on the market. It will fade with biotech index IBB. On watch for morning panic for short scalping. Has potential downside to 4 and possibly 3s.

SVEN - an APS pump. could breakout into new highs. potential dip buy following breakout. Becareful as it could still washout if there aren't enough shorts to squeeze into a breakout.

SANT - is another paid pump on the brink of a rebound. A potential dip buy following 0.008 breakout. This sub-penny stock is extremely illiquid thats why I am waiting for the breakout with vol which is when it becomes more liquid. I am only playing with $300 on this one. Res at 0.0144.

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