Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/14/12 Friday Watchlist

Thursday: +$1,130
December: +$7,400

Market: $SPY is still bullish and after consolidating on Thurs, Friday is likely a bullish day with potential to squeeze shorts. I am focused on buying bounces/squeezes and shorting the end of the bounce.


my watchlist is short today because I want to focus on the perfect plays when they are here and play big positions. Fridays are known for squeezing shorts so look to short any spikes from these stocks. I also plan to buy bounces/spikes as they could run nice before they tank.

CBMX -looking for a bottom about 6.2 supp to buy and sell quickly. could bounce to 8s where it will be a good short. upside to 9 with news.10.3, 9.7 and 6.2 are key levels. 4 and 8.2 are important

BGMD - is a def short under 2.94 but it could squeeze first before cracking 2.94. looks like a possible morning panic but friday squeeze could bounce it. Upside to 3.3 on bounce, downside to 2.4 swing.

ACUR - could squueze and bounce nicely to retest 3.2 where it's a good short

YGE - I am long 2.12 as its set for a Friday short squeeze with upside to 2.5 where it is a good short. Also potential short under 2.1 supp

AMBS - I am long 0.0390 30k again. could morning spike.

PFNI - setting up nice for a breakout today. potential dip buy above 0.6 and trendline.

LVVV - PPS pump that just came back to life on rebound. Its breaking out so im watching it pattern for 0.18 breakout

Low Float Pre-momo
NFEC - moves with CLNT. its on the verge of a technical breakout at 1.33. CLNT is bullish due to earnings, which makes NFEC worth watching. this one could spike today or tomorrow. I will look for my pre-momo entry if it can hold above 1.10
ATOS - will try to squeeze tomorrow for a possible breakout into new highs. watch 5
CLDT - watching for 14.60 breakout
OHRP - watching for 1.82 breakout

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