Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/13/12 Thur Watchlist

Wednesday: +$860
December: +$6,370

Market: $SPY is still bullish but could consolidate today so today could be a good day to short stocks that were recently up on news with fading vol.


CBMX - looks like the news hype has faded and its under 9.70 so its a potential short on any failed spikes under 9.70.

TELK - just released fluff news a/h on Wed and is now up 40% a/h due to shorts covering. It's a def short. It could teset 2.8 and again, where it is a short if it fails to break res. It could also turn out to be a gap and crap as it could be over-extended at market open.

BGMD - seems to be breaking down. potential short on any failed spikes under 3.60

CLDX - def short under 6.55

YGE - i predicted this breakout would happen this week or early next. I nailed it, buying early at 1.91 and selling for 10-15% profits. Still holding 1k from 1.91, it has potential upside to 2.5 with momo. It's a  prev earnings miss so its a potential short if 2.10 cracks.

HOV - announces earnings at 8:30a today. It beat estimates big time on its prev 3 earnings so I expect the same result. It will rocket on earnings win as it is already breaking out on all time scales.

JASO - could run a second day. Potential dip buy above 4.17

MTSL - letting it repattern. watching 3.92 for breakout

Same watchlist from yesterday. Same set-up as 12/12/12 watchlist.

AMBS - I bought this too early yesterday in anticipation of the 0.037 breakout but i will wait for the breakout before re-entering.

PFNI - setting up nice for a breakout today. potential dip buy above 0.6 and trendline.

DROP - letting it pattern for 0.24 breakout

Low Float Pre-momo
NFEC - moves with CLNT. its on the verge of a technical breakout at 1.33. CLNT is bullish due to earnings, which makes NFEC worth watching. this one could spike today or tomorrow. I will look for my pre-momo entry if it can hold above 1.10
ATOS - will try to squeeze tomorrow for a possible breakout into new highs. watch 5
CLDT - watching for 14.60 breakout
OHRP - watching for 1.82 breakout

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