Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/12/12 Wed Watchlist

Tuesday: +$30
December: +$5,510

Market: $SPY has remained bullish esp today's market morning spike. I am expecting more bullishness (or sideways price action) all week. Could continue to retest highs at 146.5 res.


CBMX - slipped under 9.70, now its under heavy res. I don't see it rebounding esp with this dry vol. I shorted into the close at 8.66 because I expect it to start breaking down. I shorted alil too early as their supp at 8.60 which is also where trendline. I will add to my short if it gaps up to crap.

ACUR - looks like it wants to try for day 3 as it is holding 3.23 key supp. Potential dip buy above 3.60 or buy bottom at 3.23 supp. Potential short under 3.23.

AONEQ - is bottoming here. I bought at 25.9 (shorthand for 0.0259) and sold 32.3. it will rebound nicely so its a potential buy on breakout/momo vol. Potential dip buy at market open. Has upside to 55 swing.

CLDX - spiking on multiple news and analyst upgrade, neither of which last long. it has plenty of overhead res but also supp in the 6.75 range as well. Potential dip buy above 7.05 on breakout. Potential short after 6.55 supp breakdown. It will fade nicely when it finally breaks down.

AMBS - is being pumped by newsletters and is patterning into a breakout. potential dip buy above 0.037

DROP - spikes nicely when it breaks out. its under heavy res but is patterning into a breakout so its sucessful at holding above 0.23 it could squeeze shorts and breakout with momo. Potential dip buy above 0.237 on the breakout.

PFNI - this is the SMA pump rebounding from a big dip. I bought some eod on a small dip at 0.487 anticipating a eod run and gap-up. it looks like it may finally breakout to test res at 0.58 after which the sky is the limit.

Low Float Pre-momo

MTSL - letting it repattern. watching 3.92 for breakout
ATOS - will try to squeeze tomorrow for a possible breakout into new highs. watch 5
CLDT - watching for 14.60 breakout
OHRP - watching for 1.82 breakout
NFEC - moves with CLNT. its on the verge of a technical breakout at 1.33. CLNT is bullish due to earnings, which makes NFEC worth watching.

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