Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/10/2012 Mon: Holiday Breakout Watchlist

Friday: +$925
December: +$1678

Market: $SPY very bullish so I expect more bullishness this week. In this holiday market, its good to be bullish but I am prepared to be bearish against any grossly over-extended stock.

Breakout Watch:
There are so many probable breakouts to watch this month its crazy. I call these holiday breakouts and I am anticipating a few including the GTIM +40% squeeze on Friday which I missed after alert. Btw, my watchlist is getting better and better.

CBMX - I banked 20% off this stock on Friday and it seems to be the beginning. With this momentum it could breakout key res at 9.70 and takeoff to the teens like the ROSG supernova last May. I am also prepared to short-scalp any weakness as it tests over-head res zone 9.4-9.70. It is consolidating in after hours with low volume which is a chance to buy a dip. It is rebounding so I will look to buy small position premarket and hold for market open if it patterns properly. This could easily be the play of the month as more and more newsletters pick the stock for there subscribers. Anticipate news early this week.

GTIM - This is the best pure technical breakout on good sentiment. I had this breakout on my alert but was trading other stocks. It is likely to squeeze shorts at 2.74 on Monday. if so, its a 2.83 dip buy. Has upside to 3.25 on the bounce and upside to 5 if its a multi-day breakout

GRPN - also a technica breakout that is heavily shorted so it could take off to 5.5 on momentum. A potnetial dip buy above 4.70.

CLNT - is breaking down due to heavy res at 4.5. I am expecting a squeeze which could spike off 4.25 which is the level to watch for dip buy entry if the squeeze is successful. Has upside to 5.7.

MTSL - is a Superman (@super_trades) pump (NOT a pump and dump). It is very low float. The stock is going to breakout at this rate. Expect a possible 3.3 breakout Monday. The sky is the limit, could be the next LIVE who knows. Superman is the best stock promoter for going long imo.

RCON - recent earnings winner that will continue to squeeze shorts. Its testing at a pivot now. A potential dip buy above 1.70 if squeeze is successful. Could bounce to retest 2 without news, and 2.75 with news.

CALI - also a recent earnings winner that will continue to squeeze shorts. A def dip buy above 5, but 4.92 is key res.

Breakdown Watch

EBOD - this stock is testing 3.52 key supp. If it holds it will squeeze shorts. but will crack if vol continues to fade. Potential short. Tip short into supp bounces as they are usually more liquid so you can get a bigger position but becareful as bounces could turn into further spikes. Plenty of downside
update: EBOD has some supp zone about 3.10-3.25, so unless vol continues to fade, it could push and squeeze at 3.5. vol is key!

CBMX - this stock is still breaking out so its a potential buy now but soon it will get over-exnteded and lose most of these gains.

MBLX - was breaking out with vol on news. Topping but could still squeeze. A short under 1.75 supp crack. Buy the squeeze on a dip above 1.85.

Pump & Dumps

USGT - the only pump on the market with a perfect breakout pattern. Potential dip buy above 0.67 with 40cents upside or more.

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