Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lesson: How I made 20% on a PERFECT breakout in 1 hour $CBMX

CBMX is a supernova breakout that's breaking out on news. This low flaot is up over 300% in one day. This is probably because of the reverse split a couple days prior. Nevertheless, I nailed buying the breakout 3 times and shorting it once, banking 20% ($828) net profit just over an hour of trading this stock alone Friday. Here's how:

I prepared for this breakout:

And when it did breakout I: (1) bought the breakout, (2) shorted the top at key resistance, (3) bought the bottom at trendline supp; and (4) bought bounce for an eod rally into close.

(1) The breakout was clear: volume was spiking and building as it broke the trend. So I bought at 8.01 just above natural supp and sold at 8.49.

(2) I knew res ahead was key so I shorted the top at 9.02 and covered quickly at 8.51. Because vol was still building, this I consider an aggressive short, that's why I covered quickly. Note that odds are always better to short when volume is fading.

(3) The first trendline dip following a breakout usually holds and is usually very liquid as all bottoms are. So I bought at 7.82 and sold quickly at 8.10 (+3.5% within 1 minute!).

(4) I bought the bounce at 8.40 15min prior to market close in anticipation of eod rally and sold into a small rally at 8.95.

This stock still has breakout volume. If it can continue to building vol Monday morning we should see another run to test highs and res at 9.70. This has the potential to be another $ROSG with upside to 15's if it can breakout 9.70.

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