Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/10/12 Tues Watchlist

Monday: +$3,800
December: +$5,480

Market: The overall market has been bullish and should continue to be bullish. We should see some more holiday spikes. Be bullish but appropriately bearish.


Momo Plays
CBMX - i already banked $4K on this. it could still run to try and squeeze shorts to go for 15's since its still holding above key supp 9.70. No play for me until it patterns.

ACUR - is another low float breaking out on news. It could spike again Tues. Potential dip buy above 2.57 for supp. Upside to 3.25

CLDX - today could be day 2 if not could be first red day to short. breaking out on 10/8 news. buy the breakout above 7.05 with upside to 9 on momo because it squeezed its short interest already. So volume is the only thing that will drive this up imo.  No volume, short it. potential short under 6.93 res, could test 6.55 supp. if its a failed breakout, it will come down hard. Downside is $2 swing. It will be a great short even if it spikes today.

Pre-momo Low-Floats
MTSL - @super_trades pick. this stock is already geared to breakout. I took just 300 shares at 3.42 in anticipation of the 3.53 breakout. It has upside to the sky.

NFEC - is breaking out probably on earnings. its consolidating before the big breakout. i am watching it pattern under 1.33 res.

OHRP - this is patterning to breakout nicely on technicals.

Swing Plays
PSTI - is a recent earnings winner bottoming to squeeze shorts and breakout. it has a momo pattern and news this morning as the catalyst. potential dip buy above 3.65 only on a breakout. upside to 4.39 swing trade.

FB - facebook could be on a rebound to ipo price as it breaks out. FB is buliding momentum as it approaches 28.09 res. potential dip buy on the breakout..

USGT - washed out. daily vol still building. potential dip buy above 0.66.

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