Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/17/12 Monday Watchlist

Started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $9,840 (+492% wrt cash, +82% wrt buying power).
Friday: +$440
December: +$7840 

Market: $SPY testing near highs now, it could pullback from here or spike to test highs. It could go either way but we can expect tax-lose selling as we approach the new year so the market should be bearish in the next 2 weeks. Be bearish and only buy perfect breakouts.

Short Setups
Long list but these are all perfect short setups (i worked really hard this past weekend) for this week because these companies are fundamentally poor and the price action is over-extended. Short into any spikes as those are just shorts covering. Will obviously spike more if there is news.

*UEPS - waiting for 4.8 supp crack. downside to 4. i don't see it holding up so could fade on Monday esp if market is bearish.

*SQNM - just finished squeezing shorts on fluff news. just got negative weekend news that USPTO withdrew one of their patents. will likely gap down so this could be a nice premarket play to start your morning w/ profits.

*EJ - sketchy Chinese stock squeezing shorts and CEO called the company "undervalued" lol thats bullshit. Its abetter short after supp crack at 4 downside to to 3 swing, but it could top at 4.4 or 4.6.

*BIOF - there were no analyst estimates to compare eps but its revenue was a miss and it slipped from being profitable to losing money last quater, and there is negative news about the limited market size for ethanol fuel. its at a technical pivot as it test 4.71, I expect it to crack unless they are able to squeeze. Could morning panic with downside to 4.

TROV - over-extened on study news and upgrade so it could drop fast if it fails 6.7 test. Dowside to low 5s swing (by end of December).

NEON - over-extended on analyst upgrade. running out of juice at 5 but could still push to 5.20 where it should crack with downside to low 4s by end of week.

CLDX - overextended on news. could drop big this week if there is no news. Should panic some 6.5 until drops to sub-6

ONCY - spiking on drug data news which doesn't last long. should fade to 2.75, where it may or may not base.

ROSG - could panic to takeout supp at 4 this week this stock is still over-extended for the year. downside to sub-3 swing

*Morning panic watch.

Long Setups
CRME - running on big news that Merck ($MRK) will forgive CRME's debt. The debt was pretty much the reason why it dropped from 2's to under a dollar back in March. It should be able to regain those losses on this news. Res at 0.51 so I will look to buy a big dip as it could pullback to 0.45 or I will buy a breakout dip above 0.51 if it finds supp there. I will take profits near 0.8 res and hold the rest for $1+.

CLWR - breaking out as it waits buyout offer. I am watching for this breakout on heavy vol.
NOK - turning into a perfect swing trade breakout. wait for 3.88 breakout. has to dip first

CBMX, JRCC, MITK - are all holding above key supp. all potential  buys on news.

AMBS - now up 18% since my initial alert. perfect breakout set-up like i predicted. just a little momo from newsletter pumpage and its headed to test 0.07. gets nice at 0.051
USGT - revived from the washout. its ready for 0.67 breakout. dip buy above 0.67 with upside to over a dollar. expect a morning spike with high vol or else it will tank.

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