Monday, April 8, 2013

04/08/13 Monday Watchlist (9 stocks)

Market: SPY was quite bearish ending last week but seems to be holding up to squeeze again. If this next squeeze if successful it could breakout into new highs. I am still slightly bearish but am prepared to buy breakouts.


CHCI (long 2.56)- I bought this into the close for a gap-up/morning spike. I don't plan to hold this for long. I will sell into next top, which could be 2.75 or 3.

BCRX - this is gapping up premarket on bird flu fears in China. potential short if it fails to gap and spike thru 2.04 key res. this is could run further than you think, so I'm only scalping. May buy any big squeezes (i.e. thur 2.04 w/ upside to test 2.3)

AMRN - just announced good drug news. this news can run further than you think (see ANAC). potential buy if it can break 7.75 to trigger a technical breakout to test 8.5 key res.

SVA - is on the cusp of a breakout. 4.08 is key res it needs to breakout/gap-up. 4.25 & 4.5 are key check points.

OCLS - just did a reverse stock split as it runs up on patent news.  this is eventually a potential short (i'm acutually more short biased on this stock). Potential buy if it can continue to build momo as it tests 4. upside to test 4.30 then 4.55

MCOX - I bought this breakout twice and nailed it. This seems to be spiking due to the company's $10mil buy back plan . Not sure how far it will spike but its def a potential short as weak hands take profits. It's mid breakout as it tests 5 but could spike to test 5.75 key res if it morning spikes.

PAMT - this could top and crack soon. Potentail short when the next spike tops. 19.9/20 is intraday res zone. Plenty of downside when it tops.

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b/o = breakout
b/d = breakdown
momo = momentum

pt = price target

res = resistance
supp = support

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