Tuesday, March 26, 2013

03/26/13 Tuesday Watchlist

Market: SPY is still in bullish consolidation. its midrange so im playing the market sentiment (red/green short/long)

Longs : Pump are heating up so I will be focused on them a little more.

RFIL - watching 6.5 and 7.25 (all time high) for breakout

CCUR - this NIA pump is heating up. its testing 7.85/8. big upside when it breaks out. no play until vol accumulation. watching above 7.85 for momo.

GOFF - this a potential buy today as it hits new highs. Could be a great breaking in a bull market. watching 0.4 for b/o entry. I bought at a good position 0.38 but sold for a penny to follow my buy on green short on red rule. but this stock has only natural res over head w/ plenty of upside

REVI - no play until 0.17 breakout

GEVO. I sold at 2.18 when 2.21 couldnt hold. 2.37 is confirmation. this is not a bullish pattern but it has momo. watching 2.03 for momo.

ANAC -is ever-extended but holding up. i covered becasue it was still holding up thru 6.5 into the close although vol is drying. no play until it starts cracking thru 6.5

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b/o = breakout
b/d = breakdown
momo = momentum

pt = price target

res = resistance
supp = support

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