Monday, March 25, 2013

03/25/13 Monday Watchlist

Market: SPY is still in bullish consolidation. Its Friday, staying bullish.

Longs : Pump are heating up so I will be focused on them a little more.

GEVO (im long 2.22). 2.25 is entry point. if vol supports 2.21. upside to 2.59 to test. 2.37 is confirmation
CCUR - this NIA pump is heating up. its testing 7.85/8. big upside when it breaks out. no play until vol accumulation.
GOFF - this a potential buy today as it hits new highs. Could be a great breaking in a bull market. watching 0.4 for b/o entry
REVI - shoulda coulda woulda bought into the close at 0.10 on Thursday for the gap-up/spike Friday morning. I shoulda played this one instead 0.17 b/o.
NQ - held up well above 9.34. now im more interested in the 10.0 b/o for entry. upside to 10.75 key res to test

ANAC - is quite overextended on the drug news. I scalped this for 40cents on Friday. I'd like to see a day 2 squeeze/spike to short into if it fails to break 6.5
CZR- is looking toppy but has ema supp. it could morning panic. but could squeueze otherwise. play the market sentiment (red/green). downside to 15.5 to test.

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