Friday, March 22, 2013

03/22/13 Friday Watchlist

Market: SPY is still in bullish consolidation. Its Friday, staying bullish.

GEVO the hottest stock to watch imo. 2.25 is entry point. if vol supports 2.21. upside to 2.59 to test. 2.37 is confirmation
ENPH is a big momentum stock. watching 5.85 dip buy or 6 for breakout on a red/green move
CCUR - this NIA pump is heating up. its testing 7.85/8. big upside when it breaks out.
AMRI - holding above 9.7 key supp. if market spikes could squeeze big. upside to 11 for scalp. potential short until it b/o 10.9/11.1
ANAC- momo play. potential buy if it can hold supp at 5.32. Upside to 6. im always short bias on this stock, potential short eventually.
NQ - watch 9.34 for gap-up or for vol accumulation

CZR- is looking toppy but has ema supp. if it could morning panic. but could squeueze otherwise. play the market sentiment (red/green).


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