Friday, March 1, 2013

03/01/13 Friday Watchlist

Market: $SPY rebounded w/ strength, perhaps a correction to be previous long red candle. Who knows, but as always play the sentiment (red/green).

My strategy is mostly daytrading and short-selling but I will buy good set-ups for day- or swing trade only in a bull market.

Short Watch:

HOV (ill-financial) - I screwed up my 6.10 short as i let myself get squeezed thru 6.12 as it was still testing it. I had a good position but covered at the top. Sucks. Patience and discipline pays. TIP: let the candlestick close its time interval. don't anticipate the candlestick, let it happen. Potential short on a failed morning spike to test res at 5.9.

LCAV (ill-financial) - potential short when key supp 2.85 cracks. this will fade w/ weak bounces. A great short when it starts cracking supp. crap stock. 2.8/2.85 is supp zone.

EJ (ill-financial) - faded more on Wednesday. potential short when key supp at 4.25 cracks.

AAMRQ (over-extended) - vol is fading bad so it could start fading thru supp. potential short when it takes out intraday supp at 2.47.

RSOL (ill-financial) - this stock is worthless and has low short-interest. it continued to fade to test near 1.78 hitting 1.82 day low just as I called it last week when I shorted at 2.29. Patience pays with these perfect set-ups.

CSIQ (ill-financial) - not moving much given the news which i scalped for some change. this is a potential short b/c this stock is crap. potential short on any decent spikes.

RNIN - this is moving on big news. Its the hottest stock on the market which means it will get over-extended quickly. and its a low float. potential short eventually as it gets over-extended. short only on red market days and only when its over-extended. No play yet

Long Watch:
The market looks red today so I don't plan to buy or hold if it stays red.

PAMT (momo stock, I'm long 11.73) - this is from TimAlerts. It has great chart and alot of hype sepculating around its deal w/ big names like MCD as PR is expected. This could breakout in anticipation of news. Waiting for a clean breakout thru 11.5

NEON (momo stock) - this is from TimAlerts watchlsit. It has good technical chart and lots of vol on all time frames. This is set to breakout soon. watching it pattern for a clean b/o thru 5.75

CCUR (promo stock) - dip buying seems to have begun. this is a potential buy when it b/o 8/8.16 res zone

Swing Watch:
While I believe these stocks will recover nicely, it is tricky to buy in this market. I would wait until the market starts to bottom before entering above supp/res.

JVA (rebound) - I'm a sucka for this stock for 3 reasons: (1) solid financial growth/undervalued; (2) lots of shorts; (3) great chart. No play yet let it pattern w.r.t the market. Im watching 7.32 and 7.5

GEVO (rebound) - is recovering given the eps growth and the vol. No play yet, let it pattern. I'm watching it pattern about key level

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