Friday, March 8, 2013

3/08/13 Friday Watchlist (12 stocks)

Market: The market is breakingout into new highs. Be bullish and bearish to over-extensions.

My strategy is mostly daytrading and short-selling but I will buy good set-ups for day- or swing trade only in a bull market. Today is Friday so I will be more bullish today.

Long Watch:

AMRI (i'm long 9.75) - is a big earnings winner who reported eps of 0.17 which is big growth from previous quarters. i bought again at 9.75 just above 9.67 key supp. I plan to sell into the next spike. tight stop.

XIN - Earnings winner. Im watching 4.85 key supp for dip buy entry. or 5.14 intradday pivot for breakout.

BIOL - earnings winner w/ amazing chart. No play until it can b/o 4.90 key res.

MERU - earning winner. no play until it breakout 5.0 key res.

GEVO - earnings winner that has momentum to rebound. no play until 2.21 key res breakout.

AAMRQ - I am watching this for a breakout into all-time highs. 2.97 pivot and 3.0 is clear b/o. Vol is still a little weak so I am just watching until vol comes.

Short Watch:

MBLX - starting to top. could morning panic just under 2.37 key res. On watch for morning panic

CMGE - sketchy chinese stock. seeming to be topping just under natural res at 9. On watch for morning panic.

MTG - this stock is one of most over-extended on the market. potential short when EMA50 gives on 30min candle.

HIMX - is up on a Seeking Alpha article. potnetial short soon

BWEN - still holding up over 3.90 supp. potential short when 3.90 cracks.

ANAC - is squeezing. potential short when it tops. 4.07 is key res

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