Thursday, March 14, 2013

03/15/13 Friday Watchlist (7 hot stocks)

Market: The market is still bullish. Be bullish but bearish to over-extensions.

My strategy is mostly daytrading and short-selling but in this market I will buy good set-ups for day- or swing trade only in a bull market. Today is Friday so I will be more bullish today.

Long Watch:

ENPH (earnings winner, i'm long 5.65) - this is spiking w/ momo. i bought this just above 5.5 key supp. i plan to sell into the next big spike towards 6.7 key res to test.

KWK (earnings winner) - this is clearly breakingout. 2.68 and 3.09 are key. I want to buy on a dip/during consolidation above supp and sell into a spike.

RFIL (earnings winner) - has low short interest so I wouldn't buy this midrange, only at key supp 5.7. upside to key res at 6.5

BIOL (earnings winner) - this is hanging just under key res at 4. if its gonna do anything it'll be tomorrow on a Friday squeeze. no play if it doesnt breakout tomorrow. upside to 4.8

DRL (earnings winner) - just reported eps 0.20 while its trading under a dollar. ridiculously cheap. I expect alot of big time dip buying (meaning vol accumulation). No play until it bottoms between 0.62/0.66. upside to 1 short-term.

Short Watch:

AMRI (over-extended, im short 10.68) - I covered my 10.85 short too soon but got back in when it failed r/g test. I plan to cover into a morning panic quickly.

MTG (over-extended)- has been hanging about 5 thanks to dip buyers but is finally failing it. This should drop 50cents or more soon. I'm waiting for 4.90 to crack.


  1. how much money did you start with?

  2. i started w/ $2k on leverage. but i don't use more than 3:1 leverage per trade. so at most i'll put up $6k on a trade. but usually $2-3k/trade.