Thursday, February 21, 2013

02/21/13 Thursday Watchlist

Market: $SPY seems to be reversing now. We could be headed towards some bearishness.

My strategy is mostly daytrading and short-selling but I will buy good set-ups for day- or swing trade.

Short Watch:

HOV (ill-financial) - potential short when this bounce tops.

SQNM (ill-financial) - potential short if it morning panics. else, its a reshort if it bounces.

RSOL (ill-financial) - this stock is worthless and has low short-interest. potential short if it bounces and fails res when vol fades.

SOL (ill-financial) - this stock is crap too but has short interest so it may be bouncy/choppy like HOV and SQNM.

OWW (ill-financial) - this stock is crap but is spiking on news that won't last. potential short when it tops.

AAMRQ (over-extended) - morning panicked beautifully but I missed it due to an appointment. however I did scalp the bounce for +4% (+$130). It's still over-extended by atleast 40cents and I plan to short into a failed morning spike.

MBLX (over-extended) - this is running up on no PR/news and its testing near 2.0/2.16 res zone and its overbought. This is over-extended and will start fading soon. It's still holding but i'm patient for as long as its over-extended.

Long Watch:

UVXY (bottom/rebound) - this is one of the most anticipated rebounds on the market. peep the vol accumulation

CCUR (promo stock) - this NIA pump is nearing the end of consolidation. this should b/o 8.0/8.16 res zone soon. It was testing 8.0 all day yesterday and will likely break it today if market is bull/green while it keeps testing 8.0. No play until it can break and hold above 8.0

Swing Watch:

CRME (rebound, I'm long 0.421, 1.5k shares) - I bought the big dip on Wednesday near 0.41 key supp as it bottoms. I only took half my position in case a dips lower, but I also have a tight stop if it doesn't behave properly. I am long in anticipation of the 0.50 b/o and will add once the breakout occurs.

CERP (rebound) - this OTC is a real company that is going thru a major turn around w/ new executives and revenue streams. This stock is on its way to 0.20 short term and over a dollar long-term, technically speaking. No play until it patterns to b/o 0.05.

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