Monday, February 25, 2013

02/25/13 Monday Watchlist (12 stocks)

Market: $SPY seems to be reversing now. We could be headed towards some bearishness but it's gapping up big in premarket so I could be wrong. Still, the next daily candle stick close below EMA20 will be the first sign of a top.

My strategy is mostly daytrading and short-selling but I will buy good set-ups for day- or swing trade.

Short Watch:

RSOL (ill-financial, i'm short 2.29) - this stock is worthless and has low short-interest. I shorted the weakness on Friday but w/o surprise it held up on the green market Friday. It's still holding up as it tests ema7 and could spike a little as some impatient shorts cover. I will add to my short if it spikes to towards 2.5 res. Potential downside to 1.75

LCAV (ill-financial) - this stock is complete crap w/ a nice technical breakdown set-up. Potential short when this bounce tops on 30min candle.

CSIQ (ill-financial) - this stock is decaying financially and it has vol, which is a sign it will start breaking down like HOV. No play yet but its a potential short when this bounce tops.

OWW (ill-financial) - this stock is crap and starting to show signs of a top or breakout attempt. I would love to see it try to breakout so it can get over-extended and crack even harder. It's such crap but let it squeeze its shorts before the inevitable collapse back to where it started breaking out.

EJ (ill-financial) - this is crap. potential short when this bounce tops on 30min candle.

MBLX (over-extended) - this is still spiking on no news. This could be my bread-n-butter pattern and will make for a great short when it tops as it could fade for multiple days like SNSS. When it cracks on the 30min candle, short the bounce.

HOV (ill-financial) - I shorted this on Friday but it held up. This goes to show again that odds favors you shorting on red market days not on green Fridays.  potential reshort when this bounce tops.

SQNM (ill-financial) - this could morning panic. if it squeezes, it could spike big. failed panics usually lead to spikes of the same magnitude and vice-verse.

Long Watch:

I am long AAMRQ 2.71 as a weekend play as it perked up. This was purely speculative for a potential gap-up or blind chance of news today because news often come out on Mondays. I will sell into the morning if it does nothing.

CYCC (pre-momo) - this stock could technically b/o at 5.74 key level, as it closed the day above it. people seem to think this stock is undervalued, which could be a catalyst behind it.

GEVO (rebound) - this stock has shown some financial growth and has the vol accumulation to support a rebound. I am watching 2.21 for big moves.

CCUR (promo stock) - failed breakout dip. This could start bottoming soon as dip buying begins. Could drop to 6s before running to retest 8. Don't anticipate the breakout in this over-extended bull market, wait for the breakout to oCCUR ;-P

Swing Watch:
CREME and CERP aren't doing much yet as they consolidate from the failed breakouts. Not on watch til they get more interesting.

JVA (rebound) - I'm a sucka for this stock for 3 reasons: (1) solid financial growth/undervalued; (2) lots of shorts; (3) great chart. I missed my first entry point at 7.32 key supp but will watch for entry when it patterns above 7.50, which is an important price.

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