Tuesday, June 4, 2013

06/04/13 Tuesday Watchlist (6 stocks)

Market SeasonMidrange
Swing StrategyBig dip buy and hold (earnings winners only)
Current Sentiment:
Bearish consolidation. The market is currently bearish. Be bearish.


Call Option: These are all recent earnings winners that are set to breakout.
AEGR - is squeezing more shorts and set to make another move esp if market is bullish in morning.
WAGE - is a big earnings winner that is mid-breakout consolidation but has been dropping. its sstill a potential breakout if it can consolidate just above its trend and bottom near 28.75/28.5 supp and correct to back above 30.

Long Stock:
EAC -former earnings winner that is down alot from its highs. its holding up and seems to want to bottom at key supp 24. if it can continue to hold 24 early week then we should see a nice squeeze. upside to retest key res near 28.
CLSN - this is a SA pump. it closed pretty well on Monday. 1.82 is key, upside to test 2 then 2.2

Short Stock:
BIOD - this is a former earnings loser that has continued to spike without news since the 5/10/13 analyst upgrade. Expect it to drop hard when it tops.  4.75/5 is key res zone. I nailed the mornign panic but it held up due to tehcnial bounces. It just needs to get a little extended so its potential short after a morning spike.
VRML - morning panicked and faded more than 16%. sick. but I traded BIOD instead for only 5% morning panic. This is still scalpable short if it fails morning spike under 3.7/3.75, downside to 3.3.

q2q- quarter-to-quarter
res - resistance
supp - support
b/o - breakout

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