Friday, June 7, 2013

6/7/13 Friday Watchlist (5 bull 2 bear stocks)

Market SeasonMidrange
Swing StrategyBig dip buy and hold (earnings winners only)
Current Sentiment:
Bearish consolidation. The market is currently bearish but is due for a correction/bottom soon. This is the best time to start looking for  dip buys but short any overextended spikes.


Call Option: These are all recent earnings winners that are set to breakout.
AEGR - is squeezing more shorts as it hangs between 70-73 supp zone and is set to make another move esp if market is bullish.
WAGE - is bottoming off ema50 and could rebound from here. shoulda bought calls at the ema50 but I will look for the 32 breakout instead.

Long Stock:
EAC - is behaving just as I called it, bottoming at 24 and spiking thru res in the 26s. Now it has no res til 28 then 30. I am still long 25.05 and plan to sell into the next big spike.
HNR - is an earnings winner that i'm watching. The chart is nothing to be excited about but it has 20% shares short which could squeeze into a rebound. I am only interested in a 4.0 b/o but I may scalp on the way.
IMMU - is a recent earnings winner that has been moving on momentum and could spike more in the short and medium term.

Short Stock:
BIOD - midday panicked more than 10%, which i covered into for 9% profits. Under 4.3 key res, this has 50cents more potnetial dowside.
VRML- is pretty beaten up. there is supp in the 2.5/2.25 key zone. Not sure how bouncy this will be but I would stay short-biased to every spike.

q2q- quarter-to-quarter
res - resistance
supp - support
b/o - breakout

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