Thursday, June 6, 2013

6/06/13 Thursday Watchlist (5 stocks)

Market SeasonMidrange
Swing StrategyBig dip buy and hold (earnings winners only)
Current Sentiment:
Bearish consolidation. The market is currently bearish but is due for a correction/bottom soon. This is the best time to start looking for  dip buys but short any overextended spikes.


Call Option: These are all recent earnings winners that are set to breakout.
AEGR - is squeezing more shorts and set to make another move esp if market is bullish.

Long Stock:
EAC - former earnings winner that is down alot from its highs. its holding up and seems to want to bottom above key supp 24. if it can continue to hold 24 early week then we should see a nice squeeze late week. upside to retest key res near 28. key res zone about 26.
HNR - is an earnings winner that i'm watching. The chart is nothing to be excited about but it has 20% shares short which could squeeze into a rebound. I am only interested in a 4.0 b/o but I may scalp on the way.

Short Stock:
BIOD - midday panicked more than 10%, which i covered into for 9% profits. Under 4.3 key res, this has 50cents more potnetial dowside.

q2q- quarter-to-quarter
res - resistance
supp - support
b/o - breakout

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