Friday, November 9, 2012

11/09/12 Friday Watchlist

As I had anticipated, $SPY is tanking and this seems to be the beginning. Apparently Obama's re-election is bad for the market. Nonetheless, its a good time to be a bear so focus on shorting and buying pumps and earnings breakouts (some bottoms are worth buying becuase shorts have to cover eventually). Today I am watching: AMRS, FCEL, PERI, XIN, TAGG, ELAY

AMRS (earnings winner, long)
I went long eod yesterday at 2.93 in anticipation of an eod rally. Big volume spike eod but there was just too much resistance. Expecting a morning spike with vol today. I will sell if no vol.

FCEL (earnings winner, long)
I am now watching it pattern about key supp 0.91 for vol before entry into this probable bottom. I will only entry once it breaks the trend and holds above 0.91.

PERI (earnings winner, long)
Not much of a pattern but I am watching 9.02 for some volume leading into 9.35 b/o into new highs.

XIN (earnings annoucement) - key res 3.71 is a multi-year pivot. I will short it under 3.71 on earnings miss, and I will wait for 3.71 b/o on earnings win. I will share chart once a TimAlerts once I figure out if its a win or a miss.

TAGG (pump bounce, long) - I am long 0.111 and will sell at a top near key levels which is to be determined.

ELAY (pump bounce, long) - Message board chatter still steady as ELAY is slowly perking. I am watching 0.0022 for vol. No vol no play. This thing is too illiquid to enter now.

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