Monday, November 12, 2012

11/12/12 Monday Watchlist

Earnings Plays
$SPY has lots of minor supp on the daily chart so its could consolidate sideways this week. I think it may crash so I am remaining bearish in this market so most the plays are shorts but I am looking at some earnings winners as well. And since its earnings season most are earnings plays.

CYTX (short)- earnings miss that squeezed on Friday. This thing spiked with volume so it could still squeeze some more. it has some res zone at 3.9 but no key res until 4.4 so it could still run alil bit more. look for a top at these levels. no borrows no cry

SNSS (short)- also an earnings miss that squeezed on Friday. Key res at 4.25 and 4.75. wait for a top at these levels. no borrows no cry.

SQNM (short)- another earnings miss that squeezed on Friday. Some res at 3.75 but key res at 4.0. Its gapping up on an upgrade it just received based on survey that showed pos outlook for the company. I don't think this news is that great esp with an earnings miss so I will be watching volume to gauge how much rally is around this upgrade. No volume = great gap/spike and crap.

ES (short)- is an earnings winner but had a weak rally as it is at 3.1 pivot. this could top very nicely on fading volume. obviously easy to borrow.

PERI (long)- from TimAlerts watchlist. Its breaking out on earnings at 7.8 pivot. I am watching it pattern above key supp at 8 for a dip entry.

ROSG (long)- this stock has been the love of my life since it ran to 23 in may with a beautiful chart like BVSN and JVA. It is expecting earnings on 11/16 so I expect them to hold it up here at 4.0 pivot this week just like they did with BVSN when I bought it at 8.06 on 10/23.

JVA (long)- earnings winner that is washing out weak hands before it spikes. watching between 6.25, 6.0 and 5.75 for volume. Look at its pattern, it moves quick so be prepared for it.

SYNC (long)- NIA's previous pump. its a 2-time earnings winner that has been dropping very probably because of NIA bagholders but it must bottom at some point. I think now could be the time here at its all-time low. I am watching between 4.75 and 5.2 for volume.


APS Pick - I don't usually buy these out the gate. I usually wait for the first dip/washout but I will buy a trend breakout on volume. Hoping the set-up is good.

FLAP - is being promoted by StockBrainiac (compensated $25k and expects more) as part of a supposed $1mil production budget. It is set-up nicely for a breakout. I am waiting for the first dip/pullback to see if it can hold above 0.41/0.42 before entering.

GRZG - from TimAlerts watchlist. watching 1.75 for a breakout entry.

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