Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/13/12 Tuesday Watchlist

I'm expecting $SPY to either tank or go sideways and fade, so I am def short-biased in this market, however earning winnings are big catalysts that can spike against the market so I will buy earning winners. I am also watching two pumps (SANP and GRZG).

Earnings Winners:

JVA (long)- i'm swinging this earning winner from 6.68, bought half my position on the morning creep up. it seems to be bottoming here I will add on a dip and hold for a probable spike when it finds support at 6.42. Heavy res zone near 6.9 so I am watching that level as a check point.

PERI (long)- this earnings winner is breaking out into new highs. i bought at the open yesterday at 8.90 and will hold for a possible spike today.

ROSG (long)- spiked yesterday as I had anticipated them hold it up at the pivot for earnings announcement.  It could spike to retest 4.80 and more if news is released.

SYNC (long)- seemed to be trying to base here at 4.77 pivot but needs more volume. Be patient as it could continue to fade due to NIA's bagholders.

GALE (long)- tanked 31% on a negative PropThink article but the sentiment doesnt last as stocks usually regain all there losses due to the article (see QCOR 11/2/12 for instance). So I was prepared for a nice GALE rebound until they announced earnings ahead of time (premarket instead of a/h) so I may gap a bit much. Still a potential buy if it doesn't gap too much.

VRML (long)- is now a 5-time earnings winner so this stock has solid fundamentals and is a great buy with a great spike pattern. a def buy if it can breakout 1.31 pivot, otherwise its a dip buy if it fails to break 1.31 here.

Earnings Losers
Since these are good set-ups the are hard to borrow at ST but no borrows no cry, just keep looking for them everyday. I removed SQNM from the list due to the analyst upgrade it received yesterday am.

SNSS - this is the earnings loser that squeezed last Friday. Its just perking up towards key res 4.29 but wwill need vol to break it, so remember vol is key Still a potential short under 4.29.

CYTX - faded nicely 30cents off its highs yesterday for a first red day. potential short on any spike/bounce.

GDIT - has the cleanest chart on the list. it hit a higher high yesterday with key res ahead at 10.49 and has key supp at 9.92 so don't be too quick to short.

PZZI - added from TimAlerts watchlist. It spiked as shorts covered due to some weak news. A potential short here as it tests near key res 3.22.

Most of these pumps out there now are crap with crap volume. I gave up trying to scalp them as they are too risky. These set-ups are from TimAlerts and they are great set-ups so just focus on those until the next APS pick.

SANP - Just wait for the 2.0 breakout. These pumps can washout anytime at any res level so I will wait for it to breakout into clear skies.

GRZG - a pump by “pennystockschaser.com”, “pennystockmomentum.com” and “Wealth Generation Report”. See this report. If they hold it up here I am watching 1.50 for entry once it holds a pullback with sustained vol. No play if vol fades but volume is spiking nicely so far.

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