Monday, November 26, 2012

11/26/12 Mon Watchlist

$SPY has continued to squeeze shorts thru Black Friday. The market may or may not come down from these highs this week so be prepared for either price action.

Short Setup
VVUS - has been spiking with IBB and should come down when the market turns. Res near 12.4 and supp near 10.8 are key. I will be looking to short any tops.

Long Setup
FB - is gapping up nicely premarket. its a potential buy with upside to 25.9 where it's a potential short depending on market and vol.

KKD - potential buy if it can hold above key supp near 9.3. Always a potential short following big crack at key level. Key res at 9.7

JVA - perking up no real volume.

SYNC - still testing 4.77 for supp, on watch for vol.

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