Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10/10/12 Wed Watchlist [with follow-up]

OREX (long-biased, swing trade)
The weekly chart looks more interesting:

The daily chart:

OREX - Received an upgrade on 09/06 with $13 price target (PT). I missed my entry as it squeezed thru key res at 5.97. I will buy near 6 if it doesn't gap up and run tomorrow. Sell if it can't hold above 5.97 key res.


OREX needs to consolidate more before 6 b/o run. 5.97 is key res that it needs to hold but I should wait for confirmation when it hits new high's above 6.08.

RIMM (long-biased, swing trade)

RIMM - is back on watch. Earnings winner with big upside potential to $9+ as these earnings sentiments can last for weeks. I initially bought in the low 8's and sold for breakeven because it looked over-extended and there wasn't enough volume to support its initial gains. Now that it's dipping/consolidating it should be ready for a nice run. I am looking to buy a squeeze thru 8.0 unless it dips further towards key supp at 7.5 where I would do a dip buy and swing it until my target $9.0/share.


RIMM is anticipating a 8.0 breakout. 7.5 is key supp and a probable bottom where I will be looking to buy into an intraday short squeeze preferably in the morning or towards eod. Remember that breakout usually happen during morning spikes and eod rally, 9:30-10:30 and 3-4p respectively. 8.29 is key res that was tested twice, 3rd time is usually a charm.
CECO (long-biased, swing trade)

CECO (I'm long 4.04)- Yesterday, announced the dates for next earnings release (Nov 8th) which can be catalyst for a 4.16 key res breakout. I bought into a short squeeze at 4.04 just above 4.0 natural res. Volume is picking up so I expect a nice run tomorrow with some volume. I will sell if it struggles to hold above 4.


CECO had a nice morning spike spiking to 4.34 (around 10:30a) before fading midday along with the very bearish market. I held for too long (selling at 4.06 from 4.04) without taking profits given how bearish the market was. Let this be a lesson, that you take profits at the end of a morning spike esp in a bearish market like today. It started bouncing into the close so I'll be watching it for a possible morning spike entry. If it doesn't morning spike and b/o key res at 4.16 then I won't touch it and instead wait for an eod spike to buy into. 

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