Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/24/12 Wednesday Watchlist

BVSN (I'm long 8.06) - I bought this on the dip in anticipation of a spike leading into todays 4pm earnings annoucement. I will sell by eod, not holding thru earnings as I don't know what to expect.

SVU - been shorting this the past 2 days. unless there is catalyst driven breakout volume, I will look to short any spike/run-up under 3.0

SRPT - look for RSI divergence as it approaches key supp levels 22.2, 22.0 and 21.5. could rebound nicely from there.

ISIS - is to recieve $1.1 million from $ALNY so this could push this bottom into a spike. 9.50 is confirmation. key supp 9.13 and key res 11.72. this could be a good swing.

AONE - I will short a top today if volume is low relative to previous days. hoping for a quick morning spike to short. has res near 0.17 but could spike to as high as 0.18 so i will scale in my short.

APPY - from FousAlerts. this stock has been very trendy with alot of trendlines built up. it has already proven yesterday it could spike thru a trendline res (near 2.95) so I will wait for 2.95 again and buy if it can hold above it on a small pullback. Has upside to 3.2/3.3 where it would need heavy breakout volume to hold above 3.2/3.3 so I will sell there.

CHTP - also from FousAlerts. Midrange in the trendline so I will look for a dip buy. be careful as it could always fail thru trendline support and panic (always sell when you see a top). key res 1.44 (which will test again) and key res 1.56. Not the best set-up so trade cautiously.

LPHI - is making strides. watching key res at 2.35 and for volume before entering.

CLWR - I will wait for key res 2.05 breakout

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