Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10/17/2012 Wednesday Watchlist

Watchlist for Wednesday 10/17/12: PGNX, LPHI, KCG, OREX, PWEI

(long 3.03, swing)

PGNX could consolidate or spike today. A good buy above/near key res 3.0. Look for a top to sell into.

(bounce play)

LPHI has a nice set-up. could spike any day as shorts must cover eventually. res at 2.23 on watch. could spike  to 2.35+

(long, swing)

KCG is long due for a rebound. this looks like a clear bottom and a nice set-up for a probable run this week. watching 2.56 and 2.71 as confirmation.

(long, swing)

OREX -I usually only buy bottoms/bounces/rebounds but this set-up is nice. Looking for a dip buy towards 6.15 and then holding for a smooth ride to 7+. Look out cuz it could washout at any point so always look for tops as that is signal to sell.

(dead pump bounce)

PWEI is a Preferred Penny Stocks pump that has dumped dropping 73% in one day (this is why I would love to start shorting pumps after I grow my account). I am now looking for bounces to scalp. I am looking for a pullback to buy after 0.21 test then selling near 0.25. These pumps don't have any support so sell quick as it could free-fall/drop off any res level.

Other Bound Plays
ROSG (still long 5.26) - could spike on any news any day. I will buy more cheaper if drops to 5
SSH - key res at 7.25 on alert
BVSN - mm should be holding this thing up until 10/24 earnings announcement which means it could spike. key res at 8.27 and 8.48 on alert.
CTIC - shorts must cover eventually. 1.61 on alert

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