Monday, October 15, 2012

10/16/12 Tuesday Watchlist

On watch for Tuesday 10/16/12: ROSG, SSH, PGNX, VSR, and SRPT.

(long, swing)

ROSG (I'm long 5.26) - spiked at 5.36 res as I anticipated. If there is no news tomorrow it may test key supp 5.28 again and possible slip under to test 5. I am hoping they hold it up at 5.28 for news, if not I will add at a cheaper price. The cheaper this stock gets the better because it will spike nicely on any news. I am still long 5.26. Res 5.36 still on watch.

(long, bounce play)

BVSN is expecting earnings on 10/24. market makers usually like to hold up stocks leading to earnings announcements so I don't see this thing staying below key res at 8.27, so I am watching this level for an entry on any volume. It may drop as low as 8, which in case I will buy at 8 because this stock must bounce. This stock should be easy money if you are alert.

(long, bounce play)

SSH - I am speculating a spike at 7.25 key res tomorrow. I will be watching it pattern there with 7.30 as confirmation. This thing moves fast so be prepared to enter and exit quickly.

(long, swing)

PGNX (I'm long 3.08) moved nicely today but I didn't get in until eod at 3.08 to be sure it would close above key res 3.0. I'm hoping for a gap-up and/or morning spike. If it doesn't gap or morning spike, I will sell quickly and look for a reentry after it patterns about 3. It could still pullback below 3 before testing it again. SN: my trendlines (green) are so damn precise!

(long, bounce play)

VSR spiked on 10/1 on news of that it has received a contract thru the US Army valued at up to $175mil, which is 5 times its market cap. It is always near its 52-wk high's so alot of momentum/technical traders will be watching it to so it could run nice. I am anticipating a rebound about 3.57 with key res 3.65 as confirmation. Like ROSG, BVSN and SSH, this is a low float that moves quickly with volume. Remember, no volume no play.

(long, bounce play)

SRPT was at one point the most over-extended stock on the market back when I was shorting it in the 45s, now its mid 20s, where it is now bottoming. I coulda shoulda woulda had this on the previous watchlist and got in at 25.9 but I didn't. Now I am looking for a pullback to 26.5 at the open tomorrow. I will watch 26.5 for entry and play the bounce to key res 28.92.

Other Bounce Plays
LPHI - key res at 2.16 on alert until next potential bottom at 2.0
CTIC - seems over-extended but could spike with volume. res at 1.53 on alert
BVSN - key res 9.27 on alert

Other Swing Plays
OREX - res at 6.06 on alert
ARNA - res at 9.32 on alert
RIMM - earnings winner but there are doubts about its upcoming new blackberry 10, so it may or may not run-up. Keeping 8.0 on alert.

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