Monday, October 22, 2012

10/22/12 Monday Watchlist

The market is looking like a down week this week so be conservative with these bounce plays, I would prefer to focus more on short set-ups.

Long Set-ups (Bounce Plays):

ROSG (I'm long 5.26, swing) - there hasn't been any news as I was expecting but they have attempted to keep this thing up. Unfortunately this thing will drop to 5 or lower if no news comes out today. I will sell into the open if there is no news. I will collect more at cheaper price if it drops.

CLWR (I'm long 1.83) - on this bounce play. could turn into a rebound and breakout as this stock may be undervalued.

BVSN - watching it pattern about key res 8.27 with key res 8.48 as confirmation.

INVE - watching it pattern about 1.06 with 1.10 as confrimation. key res at 1.17 and 1.39.

LPHI -watching it pattern about 2.25 with key res 2.35 as confrimation. If  fails, 1.88 is next probable bottom.

SRPT - no key supp until 18.6 but expecting it to bounce during gap-fill. watch for RSI divergence as it approaches natural supp levels 24, 23, 22 etc..

Short Set-ups:

SANP - pump by SMA that is squeezing shorts therefore could dump at any time, esp around 1.0. Look for a top until it drops.

PWEI - pump by PPS that is squeezing and could drop any day. Look for a top and shares to short.

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