Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/18/12 Thursday Watchlist

On watch for Thursday 10/18/12: ROSGPGNXGALE, and VSR.

(long 5.26, swing)

ROSG spiked nicely as mm held this thing up as I anticipated. I'm expecting news in the few days. Expecting a gap and spike. I don't recommend buying this stock without news. Your change to buy was yesterday's fakeout breakdown at key res 5.28. I'm still holding from 5.26 for news and selling at $7+. Possible EMA20-daily revival thru res 5.75, but remember no volume no play.

(long 3.03, swing)

PGNX had a 6% revival thru EMA20-daily yesterday. It is now on its 3rd and final leg, so in order for it to continue its run it has to morning spike today with volume to break through trendline res and res at 3.3. If it doesnt morning spike, I will sell quickly as it will likely reverse to test near key res 3.0 again, where I may rebuy the dip for swing. 

(long 2.04, day)

GALE had a purely technical breakout (no news) thru multi-month res at 2.0. I get in at 2.04 and wanted to sell near res at 2.29 but it doesn't seem to have enough juice to make it on the first shot as there is clearly negative RSI divergence, meaning it will likely reverse and dip. It could still run only if there is a morning spike with heavy volume. If no volume, I will sell at the open. If it dips, its still a buy but only after it patterns near 2, which is what I will be watching for a re-entry.

(long, day)

VSR setting up nice for a rally today. This contract it just got could get it running again today so be prepared to enter only if there is heavy volume during morning spike. Don't touch this midday.
3.75 is the key level to watch at the open.

Other Opportunities
OREX (swing) - did as I called it: it dipped to test supp 6.16 and spiked. It has upside to key res 7.4 so its always a good dip buy. Very nice short squeeze that I love to buy into, but I can't play everything. Should be a muti-day runner from here.

KCG (day) - closed above EMA20-daily (2.62) with a nice rally into the close. so today could be a good revival thru EMA20. Watch res at 2.67 and 2.77.

BVSN (rebound) - watch pattern bout key levels 8.27/8.48 over the next few days. Keep 8.48 on alert.

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