Thursday, October 25, 2012

10/25/12 Thursday Watchlist

OTT (I'm long 2.03) - I bought this into the close because 2.0 is a probable bottom as it showing pos RSI divergence as it tests 2.0. I will sell if we get no morning spike.

VRNG - is bottoming but struggling to find support at key supp 3.53. watch 3.53 for entry but it could still drop. key supp at 3.15, natural supp at 3.25. key res 3.84 and 4.15.

HOV - this stock has been breaking out with volume all year. I am watching for technical breakouts to buy or breakdowns to short. I am watching trendline res at 4.5 as it is gapping it in premarket. this is mostly likely to breakout today.

XIN - this is a mult-week breakout that I am watching for technical breakouts or breakdowns. I am watching highs at 3.42 and key res 3.48. also big time multiyr key res at 3.71 which I am also watching for a breakout. 

Do not buy breakouts midday wait for morning spikes, dip buys or eod rallies.

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