Monday, October 15, 2012

10/15/12 Monday Watchlist

CTIC (bounce play)

CTIC just got news and an analyst upgrade to buy rating. This could start a rebound. I will watch how it opens and let it pattern about 1.5 resistances before entering. Volume is everything. No volume no play.

LPHI (bounce play)

LPHI's natural price moments are dictated by the general market; I use SPY market index for comparison. SPY is gapping up today so this could be the day we say a spike. Res at 2.25 on watch and 2.35 for confirmation; however it may only spike to or just above 2.35 so be on alert to sell quick.

BVSN (bounce play)

BVSN's (like LPHI) natural price moments are dictated by market index SPY. SPY is gapping up today so this could be the day we say a spike. Key res 8.48 on watch. Could test 9.0/9.26 again.

PGNX (long-biased, swing)

PGNX is showing positive divergence with respect to SPY (blue candle sticks) and showing bullish signals. Watch it pattern about 2.81 with key res at 3.0 as confirmation. Has alot of upside for swing trade.

ROSG (long-biased, day/swing)

ROSG (I'm long 5.26) - moves with biotech index IBB when there is no news. Since the market could be up today, so could ROSG. Look for morning spikes and eod spike into the close. Beware of a possible gap and crap if it gaps to any natural or key res (5.5, 5.75 or 6) so watch volume and be prepared to sell quickly. I'm still holding for $7+.

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