Wednesday, January 2, 2013

01/02/13 Wednesday New Year Watchlist

I started with a $2,000 on 6:1 margin ($12k buying power) in December 2012. Now at $18k (+900% wrt cash, +150% wrt initial buying power). December was a great month/end to 2012 for me. My system is Sick! I look forward to 2013.
Monday: +$2.1k
December: +$16.2k

Market: The fiscal cliff has finally went thru. Expect $SPY to squeeze this week so be bullish but only focusing on breakouts, and be appropriately bearish, look to short over-extensions and perfect breakdowns.


BION - i completely nailed this trade for $2.5k on new years eve. it could tank more any minute.

FARE - is still holding up. eventually a reshort when it tops. could tank at any res and at any point.

AMBS - also holding up but could top and tank at any point.

USGT - not shortable at SureTrader but I will look to play the bounce prob off 0.67

TAMO - let it repattern. potentail short on any spikes under 0.20

ONCY - has squeezed again on Monday. shorting above 3.74 would be aggressive as it could still squeeze to 4.5

TRIT - still watching 2.75 as pivot. I see it squeezing some more since its holding above 2.75 thus far. This is a potential buy as it is a short.

HOV - this stock has shown consecutive earnings win and growth for 3 quarters but missed and slipped from profits to deficit when it reported 3Q earnings. It has been breaking out because of its consecutive earnings growth but will now have to lose alot of those gains so I expect it to break down soon. I am short 7.17 premarket and plan to cover on strength.

Happy trading happy new years. peace


  1. Which Broker You are using ? Could you tell to your reader? :)

  2. I use SureTrader. i will add a resource link to my broker. thnx for the comment