Tuesday, January 15, 2013

01/15/12 Tuesday Watchlist

Monday: -$150
Cumulative Gains: $-150
I started with a new $2k account on 01/15/12; I will try to grow to $20k by end of tax season.

Market: $SPY is still bullish but is on its last leg as the market is still squeezing the January effect. Be bullish and only short over-extensions and breakdowns. Do not short at intraday EMAs unless its breakingdown with vol.


JVA (I am long 7.28 swing) - made some subtle moves upwards. could breakout early this week with any news. they just scheduled their Q4 earnings date for 1/24, which will be a catalyst in the weeks ahead.

NEWL - did exactly as expected. it squeezed/morning spiked to revive 1.14 supp and spiked over 30%. I missed my entry at 1.16 watching TELK which i also missed. I gotta be better prepared as I shoulda coulda woulda banked over $2k in profits yesterday had I played my watchlist as planned but everything happened at the same time. It is still testing 1.14 supp and I think it has more upside as EMA7 could morniing spike it. I will short a failed am spike. It has a pretty high short interest (6 dtc) so I am long-baised here.

MY - as expected, it bottomed above 1.47 key supp morning spike to 1.69. It has more left in it, so look out for a morning spike towards 1.94

TELK - I shoulda coulda woulda nailed this for $1.5k had I shorted it at 3 for position but I could not get a fill. And I shoulda kept my cool and shorted it when it slipped under 2.80 res but I was too emotional about my missing 3.0 and NEWL and MY all at once. If I doesn't gapdown too much, I will short a morning panic down to 1.94 supp.

SCTY - cracked 15 as expected but it faded midday which was too slow for my taste. I will short a morning panic today if it gives.

CSIQ - spiked over 4.39 res. It's too over-extended to buy so I will wait to short it 4.9 key res or 5 natural res.

MITK - gapped down back under 4 res. I am watching it pattern under res and may short if vol fades under it with downside to 3.6.

ONVO - gapped up and morning spiked as expected. No play until 3.80 test, which I plan to short it for whatever it gives.

CBMX- is bottoming and I am watching for it about 4.20 key supp. It may dip to 4 before squeezing thru 4.20. i plan to bank $2-4k on this one.

gl. peace

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