Sunday, January 13, 2013

01/14/13 Monday Watchlist

Friday: +$700
January: +$6.5k
I am starting with a new $2k account on Monday now; I will try to grow to $20k by end of tax season.

Market: $SPY is still squeezing and looks to be trying to breakout into new highs. I am always short-biased but I will look to buy squeezes and breakouts if the market spikes during power hour.


JVA (I am long 7.28 swing) - could breakout early this week.

CSIQ - is testing 4.39. could fail to find supp at and panic as vol fades. will spike if it finds supp

MITK - looking for a top at 4.25 key res test to short back down to 4 or lower if it breaksdown.

SCTY - if it cracks 15, i will short for $2 downside

ONVO - is squeezing to find supp at 3.24 supp so it could morning spike.

CBMX- waiting for the bottom; watching for it about 4.2 key supp. i plan to bank $2-4k on this one.

NEWL - could 1.14 revival morning spike squeeze back towards its highs

MY - bottoming above 1.47 key supp, could morning spike to test 1.63 then its highs.

TELK - is breaking out on news. it managed to close above 2.80 key res, it could find supp there and morning spike to 4.25+ before a becomes a great short. I plan to bank a lot on this stock like it did with CBMX b/o.

gl. peace

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