Sunday, January 27, 2013

01/28/13 Monday Watchlist

Friday: +$0
Cumulative Gains: -$190
I started with a new $2k account on 01/15/12; I will try to grow to $20k by end of tax season.

Market: $SPY still breaking out as it continues to squeeze and could explode as it tests near trendline. Be bullish w/ breakouts and bearish to the tops of technical breakouts. There are alot of stuff that are breaking out due to the market squeeze/breakout, so there will be a lot of good tops to short.

I'll be trading more aggressively again as I have now gauged the markets price action. I will be bullish to b/o momo and bearish to the tops of technical breakouts and over-extensions.

JVA (I am long 7.28 swing) - still breaking out and could make even bigger moves as $SPY is ready to explode.

CLNT - I have been watching this for the big b/o thats ahead. I may swing this one this week. 4.5, 4.7 and 5.7 are key. Prev earnings winner/growth + market b/o + insider buying + one of the best charts on the market = explosion.

CBMX - is still trying to bottom about 4/4.2. no play until it patterns properly for the big squeeze

PRCP- is still hanging above 8.4 key supp w/ big vol, I see this squeeze shorts to test 10. Im not buying b/c its over-extended and will crash when there are no more shorts to squeeze, and i prefer to front run b/o. potential short on the next spike.

KERX - is trying to squeeze thru trendline but could panic if fails. I am short biased as I prefer to front-run technical b/o's. If it spikes, its a potential short under 3.66

QTM - is breaking out and is now up +8% since my alert at 1.36.


SWVI - potential buy. has lots of supp underneath but no play until it either: (1) breakouts 0.30 or (2) big dips again to bounce off or bounce under EMA50/200-daily. no play, letting it pattern.

STVF - a repump that will crash soon. wait for the big spike/squeeze to short.

gl. peace


  1. What up Sickled? Where have you been? Hope everything is OK!

  2. hey. i just have too many trades to update. i will update them soon when i find the time to go thru each trade to add comment. i will start making watchlists again in the meantime. just been too busy w/ life.