Thursday, January 17, 2013

01/17/2013 Thursday Watchlist

Wednesday: +$330
Cumulative Gains: +$75
I started with a new $2k account on 01/15/12; I will try to grow to $20k by end of tax season.

Market: As I said, $SPY is very bullish and will breakout soon. It tried to b/o yesterday as it pushed all day but there was negative sentiment around US futures. Remember news does not last forever, and the price action will resume on all time scales once the news vol fades. $SPY will breakout, I am anticipating this breakout out today or tomorrow but it's only a matter of time. Be bullish and appropriately bearish today. Buy bottoms, and short scalp over-extended spikes.


JVA (I am long 7.28 swing) - started breaking out into the close yesterday, closing at 7.88. It could continue its breakout thru today and thru the Friday squeeze.

+BOSC - I nailed this trade for $275bucks with just 500shares. I wanted 2k shares originally but it was not liquid enough pm and the market gapdown due to negative market sentiment yesterday was also a little discouraging so I played it small and safe. I think this has plenty of upside but only if it can pattern properly. I am want for 6.24 b/o continuation and will look for a dip buy above it. Upside to 7.7 test then 9 test.

MJNA - this has the potential to be the next AMBS after 0.20. I alerted it at 0.12 but couldn't get a fill there so I am waiting for entry near 0.14 since it's breaking out. I am waiting for the dip to buy. this could run as far as this bull market lets it if it patterns properly as it is clearly breaking out with vol. 0.142 is key supp and 0.17/0.20 is key res zone.

CLRO - great news or not, this stock is extremely over-extended and is a def short under 7/7.10 key res zone. I shorted it at 6.93 and coverd too soon for $80bucks but it will breakdown or just go sideways to repattern. But the odds favor it going down than spiking thru res. I am waiting for it to intraday squeeze before shorting a possible breakdown.

*SGMO - is topping at 8.6/8.74 res zone just as I anticipated. Watch for a panic this morning to short.

NEWL - is patterning above 1.14 key supp so it could spike with the market once it patterns properly, upside to 2 or back to 2.6

TELK - supp at 1.69 with upside to 2.3 or back to 2.8 if it can pattern with the market when market spikes.

CSIQ - vol was too dry and the morning spike failed which led to a morning panic as I explained in my watchlist. I didn't short the panic b/c I was more interested in BOSC. It's still over-extended with no real supp til 3.80 so it could still continue to breakdown with vol today after this bounce to test 4.3 tops.

is setting up to squeeze more shorts above 2.82 supp. remember this has a high short interest so it has the potential to go higher. No play for me yet has it's too over-extended. I will buy a big dip unless it holds up above 2.82 until tomorrow for a Friday squeeze. But I am prepared to short a 2.82 supp crack today.

CBMX- people were buying this expecting it to breakout but its still patterning, don't bite the bait, its not time yet. As I said, I am waiting for it to pattern at 4.20 or dip to 4 for a 4.2 revival. i plan to bank $2-4k (buying then shorting) on this one when it patterns.

+Morning spike watch.
*Morning panic watch.

gl. peace

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