Friday, January 11, 2013

01/11/13 Friday Watchlist

Thursday: +$900
January: +$5.8k
I am starting with a new $2k account today that I will try to grow to $20k by end of tax season.

Market: $SPY ended strong yesterday but I think it is just squeezing rather than breaking out but I could be wrong so I will adjust to what the market gives. Morning news about US inflation and China seems to have a negative sentiment.. So overall, I am short baised because judging by the daily and weekly vol, this stock is over-extended and its true intention is downwards imo. Keep in mind Fridays are known for short squeezes.

I plan to play these on both sides depending on what the market sentiment is today.

VOXX - over-exteded and will drop soon. tried shorting it yesterday but lost patience as its still holding up. could top around 9.5/9.6 key res or 10 natural res. key supp at 8.94/9. key supp also at 8.2

MY - was a great short yesterday when it was grossly overextended in the 2's. it has a beautiful breakout pattern and could squeeze nicely today esp if the market spikes. This is the play to watch for long. could still dip to 1.5 before running, if not im watching 1.70 for entry.

NOK - an earnings winner with 10% EPS growth. not the greatest earnings win but it has a great chart pattern and vol. It may need to dip to 4.20 before 4.5 b/o to 5+

JVA (I am long 7.28 swing) - I bought a small 300shares at 7.28 on the dip bottom to swing it in anticipation of it spiking thru 7.5, which it needs to close above in order to breakout next week. I will sell if it fails to break and hold above 7.5.

CSIQ - i nailed this gap and crap as I shorted pm then reshorted after the failed morning spike.  its still over-extended from 4 but could squeeze with the market. 3.8 and 4.4 are key.

ONVO - I completely nailed this short and left alot on the table. its still over-extended but is bouncing off 3.25, I will look to short in anticipation of 3.25 crack or buy a squeeze above 3.25. so 3.8 and 3.25 are key

MITK - I scalped this for 100 bucks but held up. its still topping. 3.6 and 4.25 are key. 4 is important

UNXL - I was dead right about this dropping atleast $2 but missed my short entry so I played the bounce instead. its still has plenty of downside just needs to repattern, no telling where it will top again. 18.75, 15/14.85 and 9 are key

NEWL - I missed this perfect short at key res 2.6 which i called on my watchlist, but i was busy shorting ONVO and CSIQ. I am watching it repattern, has plenty of upside and downside so I will look to play it either way. 2.6 and 1.1 are key. some res 1.8 and 2/2.1

 FREE - there were buyins yesterday but still it barely moved and vol is still drying. over-extended could drop 10cents. 0.38, 0.3 and 0.2 are key

gl. peace


  1. Which newsletter do you follow I know you are really good in picking stocks but I think you are picking few stocks from gurus can you tell us which one (newsletter ) is more better ? An I have been watching you and you have been shorting stocks a lot do you reserve shares or it is legal to naked short stocks ... please sir can you clarify me I follow your blog daily and just curious about these things ....

  2. hey srijana, thnx for commenting. glad to help. for short selling i'd recommend TimAlerts w/ Tim Sykes at I use SureTrader as my broker for shorting and buying, they are the best for small accounts. No PDT rule so you can trade as many times as you want no restriction. I am also on TimAlerts as @sickledsystems. I share all my trades real-time in the TimALerts Chat. hope that helped.