Friday, January 18, 2013

01/18/13 Friday Squeeze Watchlist

Thursday: -$300
Cumulative Gains: -$225
I started with a new $2k account on 01/15/12; I will try to grow to $20k by end of tax season.

Market: $SPY finally broke out and hit new highs. We are officially in a very bullish market. Be prepared to buy bottoms and breakouts. Dip buys are going to be easy again, but shorting will be difficult. Only short good patterns, choppy charts will bounce and squeeze you every chance it gets. I'm speaking from this weeks experience (see my recent trades). It's time to unbox my bull system and box the short strategy.  I am only interested in buying bottoms and clear breakouts into new highs. Friday squeezes should be nice today.


JVA (I am long 7.28 swing) - is still breaking out and may get even nicer today for the Friday squeeze. If it dips I will add 700 more shares. if it continues to b/o, I will take profits at 8.5 or so.

+CALI - technicals on this is sick. if it can successfully mornign spike, this will be a beast. has upside to key res 4.92, but may test 4 first. This is also a good short when it tops.

+SGOC - this should see 2 soon. watch for morning spike. natural supp at 1.25, key res 2.08.

+ONVO - breaking out into new highs w/ upside to 5.55 key res. key supp 3.80. I plan to scalp a morining spike or eod run-up.

CLNT - prev earnings winner that is undervalued imo. big moves ahead as it patterns for 4.57 key res squeeze which could spike to test key res 5.71 esp with yesterdays insider buying of 150k shares.

CBMX-  I am watching 4/4.2 for bottom but yesterday it dipped below 4.2 and spiked back above 4.2 with little strength than expected so I am not yet convinced it has bottomed. I will not buy this early, I will wait for it to set-up to squeeze. i plan to bank $2-4k on this one when it patterns.

MJNA - dipped big, so I am looking for the bottom anywhere between 0.12/0.13. this could be the next AMBS

AMBS - I am waiting to enter on the 0.1 b/o. It could def go much higher in this market

+Morning spike watch.

gl. peace

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